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Bryce Hall claims he's just "very good friends" with Addison Rae amid breakup rumours

Sporting an Addison-inspired face mask the TikTok megastar refused to confirm his relationship status claiming he and Addison are just "very good friends".
Bryce Hall claims he's just "very good friends" with Addison Rae amid breakup rumours

Bryce Hall and Addison Rae have been the talk of the TikTok community for quite some time as both influencers have seemingly tried to avoid publicly acknowledging they're in a relationship, and it has left fans wondering if the pair are still "together" with cryptic tweets and romantic IG photos leaving fans guessing.

In a video uploaded by Celebrity Livin, the 20-year-old was confronted with a blunt question — are he and Addison Rae still a thing?

"We're very very good friends," he said coyly, pointing to his Addison Rae branded facemask as proof. "Did you not see my mask? says I need a bad bleep."

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(Picture: Celebrity Livin)

The phrase is a reference to Rae's viral reaction to the song by The Kid LAROI aptly titled "Addison Rae" in which the rapper drops the TikTok star's name in a verse. “I need a bad b*tch (Okay), uh (Ooh-ooh) / Addison Rae, lil' shawty the baddest (Yeah), yeah."

Bryce Hall and Addison Rae dating?

bryce hall and addison rae dating
(Photo: Instagram.com/addisonrae)

Bryce dropped a big hint in regards to his relationship with Rae weeks after she claimed they were not dating this past June. In an appearance on Logan Paul's podcast on 30th July, Hall said the only reason they weren't officially a couple was that he lacked the courage to simply ask her out.

“Honestly, I’m not like a really romantic guy. Like, I am so bad at expressing my feelings and stuff but I am gonna do something, if I decide, ‘Hey, let’s do it’, it’s gonna be dope.”

However, just a few days later a new development appeared to have taken place, as mysterious tweets coming from both sides indicated that chances of them formally announcing their relationship was fading away.

"No one knows the full story to anything and luckily I choose not to put every detail on the internet so please respect me and my feelings. nothings confusing, it was explained privately," Addison tweeted on 2nd August.

Bryce would take a more aggressive approach as he simply stated "watch how fast I can not give a f*ck," followed by another tweet, saying: “Here’s the answer: I already don’t give one.”

So are they friend-friends or "not making it official" friends, the search for answers continues.