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Is Andrew Tate Permanently Banned On TikTok And YouTube?

Last week, Andrew Tate was banned from Instagram and Facebook. Now the influencer's banned from TikTok and YouTube. Find out why.
Is Andrew Tate Permanently Banned On TikTok And YouTube?

Andrew Tate was banned by tech giant Meta from Facebook and Instagram on 19th August 2022 for violating its policy on “dangerous organizations and individuals. Following this news, the kickboxer-turned-influencer has also been banned from TikTok and YouTube for similar reasons, as reported by NBC News.

Before banning Andrew Tate’s multiple accounts, the influencer had millions of followers and even more views across his posts. Now, the former kickboxer’s been permanently banned from using these aforementioned social media platforms. Additionally, any accounts or media relating featuring Andrew Tate will be taken down, if not banned.

Is Andrew Tate Banned From YouTube And TikTok?

andrew tate banned youtube
Andrew Tate's banned from YouTube. (Picture: Instagram / Andrew Tate)

Last week, Andrew Tate was banned from using Meta-owned social media platforms, Instagram and Facebook. On 22nd August 2022, the influencer was also banned from TikTok and YouTube. 

A TikTok spokesperson stated, “misogyny is a hateful ideology that is not tolerated on TikTok.” As a result, the platform banned Andrew Tate.

It prohibited posting any related clips, videos, or other forms of media regarding the influencer and his controversial remarks on TikTok. The Chinese company will also remove any “violative accounts” that break its Community Guidelines.

The spokesperson stated, "our investigation into this content is ongoing, as we continue to remove violative accounts and videos, and pursue measures to strengthen our enforcement, including our detection models, against this type of content."

andrew tate banned tiktok
Andrew Tate's banned from TikTok. (Picture: Instagram / Andrew Tate)

Around the same time, YouTube booted Andrew Tate off the platform, including any relating content and accounts involving the influencer’s arguable opinions.

The former kickboxer’s account TateSpeech, which had 744,000 subscribers, was also taken down.

andrew tate banned instagram
Andrew Tate's banned from Facebook. (Picture: Instagram / Andrew Tate)

Ivy Choi, YouTube’s spokesperson, stated, “we terminated channels associated with Andrew Tate for multiple violations of our Community Guidelines and Terms of Service, including our hate speech policy.”

Ivy Choi added, “if a channel is terminated, the uploader is unable to use, own or create any other YouTube channels.”

Andrew Tate banned instagram twitter
Andrew Tate's banned from Instagram and Twitter. (Picture: Instagram / Andrew Tate)

The former kickboxer is officially banned from Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook.

One of the platforms that remain, which the influencer has voiced his opinions many times, is Twitch. As of current writing, Andrew Tate has presumably deleted or deactivated his account on Twitch, TateSpeech, according to Redditor. But the platform hasn't acted or spoken about any potential prohibitions.

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Featured image courtesy of Instagram / Andrew Tate.