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Andrew Tate Shares "Real Reason" For Social Media Blanket Ban

Andrew Tate revealed the "real reason" he was banned in an interview with Tucker Carlson Today. Find out what he had to say below.
Andrew Tate Shares "Real Reason" For Social Media Blanket Ban

Viral internet sensation, Andrew Tate, was recently hit with a blanket ban, striking him from major social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and more. In response to the bans, the former kickboxer addressed his vilification through his “Final Message” video to clear the “public conscience.”

However, Andrew Tate could not propagate his public statement to the masses, as widespread prohibitions prevented internet users from sharing his content; this has since sparked speculation of broad censorship and violations of the first amendment right to freedom of speech.

On 25th August 2022, Andrew Tate was interviewed on Fox Nation’s Tucker Carlson Today regarding the recent controversy, probing how the influencer felt and the purported reasoning behind the “blanket bans."

Andrew Tate’s “Traditional Masculine Values” Got Him Banned

andrew tate banned opinions
Andrew Tate stated he was banned for his "traditional masculine values."

During the interview, Andrew Tate was asked many questions, one of which begged whether the banning was justified, wrong, or uncalled for after the influencer previously branded the “blanket ban” a “personal attack.”

In response, Andrew Tate revealed the “real reason” for the ban, touching on several reasons discussed in his “Final Message” video.

“I don’t really feel like I’ve exposed anything. Like I’m truly not a very political person. This is the first time someone’s experienced this level of ban; I’m not particularly ‘right-wing,’ I don’t vote, and I obviously have my own personal views, but they didn’t ban me for that.”

Andrew Tate added, “They banned me simply because I had large swaths of the population agreeing to very traditional masculine values."

andrew banned social media platforms instagram facebook tiktok
Andrew is banned from multiple social media platforms, including TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram.

"Young men were looking up to me and aspiring to be like me. I live a very traditionally masculine life. I have fast cars and a big house and a lot of money and a beautiful girlfriend, and they thought this was very, very threatening," Andrew Tate said.

The ex-kickboxing champion continued, "And for some reason, they decided that it’s better they annihilate me from the internet and replace me with somebody who’s more aligned with whatever they’re trying to purport.”

Tucker Carlson proceeded to ask Andrew Tate about his stance as an influencer and what his “message is to young men.” The viral internet sensation replied, “I think that being a man is very, very difficult. I think men’s issues are largely overlooked."

"The people in charge of the world pretend to care, but when somebody who’s championing men’s issues like myself comes forward and finally manages to garner huge percentiles of the public support, I’m silenced,” he added.

Andrew Tate followed up this answer by noting there are a lot of “issues” men face, and they need someone to be one of their role models.

andrew tate claims positive force men
Andrew Tate claims to be a "positive force" in the lives of men.

In previous statements, the influencer claimed to be a “positive force” in the lives of many, including men, for he’s an inspiration to male individuals to grow and become wealthy, strong, confident, and brave.

Although not everyone might agree with Andrew Tate’s remarks on various life topics, in his interview with Tucker Carlson, he labeled himself as someone who’s “championing men’s issues” and being a general role model for these real problems.

Andrew Tate claimed the banning was the result of people not aligning with these views and using his words against him to trend short clips of him, which made him look bad.

These trending clips were captured by the media, which “purported” information about him, causing a cascade of “lies,” which he calls a “personal attack” on his “freedom of speech.”

Feel free to watch a part of Tucker Carlson Today’s interview with Andrew Tate above.

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All featured images courtesy of Instagram / Andrew Tate.