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How To Get Flame Gold In Tower Of Fantasy

Here's everything you need to know about using the red nuclei and how to get Flame Gold in Tower of Fantasy.
How To Get Flame Gold In Tower Of Fantasy

Flame Gold is one of the gacha currencies that you can collect while playing Tower of Fantasy. These currencies function similarly to the Black Gold and can be used to acquire SSR Simulacra, similarly to the Black Gold gacha currency as well. 

If you're new to this system and want to know more about these currencies then you're in the right place. As we’ll be explaining exactly how the Flame Gold works and how to get it in Tower of Fantasy. 

How To Get Flame Gold In Tower Of Fantasy

Flame Gold is obtained as a result of the Wanderers spending their Red Nucleus. Similarly to how spending Gold Nuclei rewards players with Black Gold for those familiar with it. In other words, for every Red Nuclei spent, a player will receive one Flame Gold.

How To Get Flame Gold In Tower Of Fantasy Gained by using Red nuclei
Players can earn Flame Gold whenever they use Red Nuclei. (Picture: YouTube / Serroh)

Players can use Flame Gold in Tower of Fantasy to obtain duplicates of the limited-time banner, Rebirth of Clemency: Forgiveness and Rebirth, which features Nemesis. Just as 120 Black Gold is required to obtain a duplicate of a weapon in the player's arsenal, 120 Flame Gold is required to obtain a duplicate of Nemesis.

While Gold and Black Nuclei are plentiful as players complete activities and explore the world, Red Nuclei are significantly rarer and more difficult to get your hands on. Flame Gold's Red Nuclei are primarily obtained through Dark Crystals or Tanium, Tower of Fantasy's premium currency, as well as through giveaways or limited-time events such as the Banners.

The standard option is to spend 150 Dark Crystals for one Red Nucleus, which converts to one Flame Gold. However, the cash shop has bundles for their Daily Supply and Limited Gift Packs that contain a good number of Red Nuclei. 

Remember that Limited Gift Packs can only be purchased once; after that, they won't be available again for several weeks before possibly reappearing in a different bundle form. However, regardless of which option you opt for, all of these options will net you Flame Gold when spending Red Nuclei.  

How To Get Flame Gold In Tower Of Fantasy be sure to use the Flame Gold as soon as possible use banners
Be sure to use your Flame Gold as soon as possible to avoid losing it and take advantage of your limited time banners. (Picture: YouTube / Serroh)

Finally, remember that once a Limited-Time Banner expires, all Flame Gold will be converted to Black Gold. This gives you a very limited amount of time to earn and spend Flame Gold at any given time. Black Gold is traded in the special market for regular weapons. 

So save your Red Nucleus, take advantage of the limited-time Banner gacha, and be sure to spend any Flame Gold you have before it expires.

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