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Tower Of Fantasy Devs Give Free Dark Crystals After Nemesis Banner Bug

Hotta Studios are giving Wanderers free Dark Crystals after a "serious malfunction" in the Tower of Fantasy Nemesis Limited Order event.
Tower Of Fantasy Devs Give Free Dark Crystals After Nemesis Banner Bug

Tower of Fantasy's global launch in early August 2022 was met with widespread acclaim as players rushed to explore the dystopian world of Aida. Like most large-scale releases, however, the popular MMO understandably encountered several bugs, including missing item purchases not being delivered.

On 22nd August, developer Hotta Studios acknowledged another "serious malfunction," this time related to the Nemesis Special Order event. In particular, Nemesis banners were disappearing, and Wanderers' event Flame Golds/Overclocking Chips (the special event token) were being turned to Black Gold.

Fortunately, Hotta Studios quickly provided solutions and a compensation plan in a recent update, offering all Wanderers up to 800 free Dark Crystals to apologize. They have also rolled back changes to the Nemesis Special Order Gold Conversion.

Tower of Fantasy 22nd Aug Bug & Compensation Plan

Tower of Fantasy nemesis banner bug compensation plan
Tower of Fantasy devs are giving Wanderers free Dark Crystals after a Nemesis banner bug. (Picture: Hotta Studio)

In a 22nd August 2022 blog post, the Tower of Fantasy developers provided an update regarding their solutions and compensation plan following the Nemesis Special Order event bug. Here's a breakdown of all issues and solutions.

Issue: Nemesis's Limited Order Event Being Offline Unexpectedly 

  • Hotta Studios: "Nemesis’s weapon and matric limited order is back online with guaranteed progresses (sic) kept as before. Please continue to participate in the Limited Orders event and receive Flame Golds/Overclocking Chips as before. The duration of the event remains the same."

Issue: Nemesis’s Limited Order Flame Golds/Overclocking Chips Converted to Black Golds/Base Chips Unexpectedly

  • Hotta Studios: "All conversion of Flame Golds/Overclocking Chips to Black Golds/Base Chips from Nemesis’s Limited Order will be reversed."

The Tower of Fantasy developers added that Wanderer's Flame Golds/Overclocking Chips amount would remain the same as before the malfunction. Any Black Golds/Base Chips spent will be deducted from Wanderers' Black Golds/Base Chips; anyone who previously had zero Black Golds/Base Chips will now have a negative balance.

Issue: Rewards & Buttons Display Malfunction of Events (incl. Side by Side I&II, Pioneer's Gift, Pre-register Milestones)

  • Hotta Studios: "The above events are back online, and you can claim the rewards if you haven’t previously."

Compensation Plan

Tower of Fantasy nemesis banner bug free dark crystals reward
Wanderers will receive Dark Crystals as compensation for the Tower of Fantasy Nemesis banner bug. (Picture: Hotta Studio)

Finally, Hotta Studios also revealed a Compensation Plan for all Tower of Fantasy players. Accordingly, all Wanderers will receive 500x Dark Crystal, which will be deposited into Wanderers' mailboxes "within 2 hours after the issues have been fixed."

In addition, Wanderers whose Flame Golds/Overclocking Chips were converted into Black Golds/Base Chips due to the malfunction will receive compensation of 300x Dark Crystal "within five working days" of the announcement.

Update on 22nd August at 10:09 AM BST: Hotta Studios confirmed via a Twitter post that they had fixed all issues.

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Featured image courtesy of Hotta Studio.