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How To Solve Lava Pit Puzzle In Tower of Fantasy

Check out this ultimate guide to solving Tower of Fantasy's infamous Lava Pit puzzle. Along the way, you'll unlock special rewards like Nucleus.
How To Solve Lava Pit Puzzle In Tower of Fantasy

The newly launched MMORPG title, Tower of Fantasy, is filled to the brim with a profusion of mysterious puzzles that reward players with valuable resources upon completion. One of these is the infamous Lava Pit puzzle, which has baffled many players to this point.

These Lava Pits contain either a Purple or Gold Nucleus that can be used to unlock more characters and items in Tower of Fantasy. If you're also having a hard time completing the Lava Pit puzzle in Tower of Fantasy, then we've got you covered with this essential guide. So without any further delay, let's dive into the details.

Tower of Fantasy Lava Pit Puzzle Guide

Tower of Fantasy Lava Pit
Tower of Fantasy Lava Pit. (Picture: Hotta Studio)

You'll come across Lava Pit once you reach Banges for the first time. The area lies in the center of Aida's world, divided into subregions.

As the name suggests, the Lava Pit is filled with hot lava, which needs to be cooled down before accessing its components. Therefore, you need to pull out a Frost element weapon like R Frosted Spear and SR Pummeler and hit the pit to freeze all the lava. Then you can destroy the pit with any weapon to access the rewards inside.

Tower of Fantasy Lava Pit Puzzle
Tower of Fantasy Lava Pit Puzzle. (Picture: Hotta Studio)

After completing the puzzle, you'll get the Nucleus and move on to the next Lava Pit for more rewards.

However, it's worth noting that not many Lava Pits in Tower of Fantasy are currently active in the game. As a result, you'll need to wait for future updates until Level Infinite activates them.

How to Spot Active Lava Pit in Tower of Fantasy?

Finding an active Lava Pit is relatively easy. If it's filled with lava, then it means it's functional, and you can destroy it with your Frost element weapon to get the reward. On the other hand, if the pit doesn't have lava, it means that the Lava Pit is currently inactive.

We recommend you mark the Lava Pit locations and check back when the daily reset occurs. Besides this, keep in mind that Lava Pits respawn but don't always reward.

So, there you have it, everything you need to know about the Lava Pit puzzle in Tower of Fantasy.

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Featured image courtesy of Hotta Studio.