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Tower Of Fantasy Missing Purchases - Items Delivery And Dark Crystals

Some Tower of Fantasy players have been running into missing item purchase issues, but the devs are providing some Dark Crystals as compensation.
Tower Of Fantasy Missing Purchases - Items Delivery And Dark Crystals

Hotta Studio's free-to-play sci-fi MMO, Tower of Fantasy, is a lot like Genshin Impact but not an exact copy. While we are enjoying our time on the distant planet of Aida as prospective Wanderers, not everyone is having a good time. Some players have experienced missing purchases in Tower of Fantasy.

If you have purchased items that have not been delivered in Tower of Fantasy, we've got some good news to share, including that the developer is on it and even throwing some Dark Crystals at players as compensation.

Tower of Fantasy Missing Items & Dark Crystal Rewards

Tower of Fantasy missing purchases items free dark crystals reward
You don't have to go search Aida for your missing purchases as the developers are on it. (Picture: Hotta Studio)

Tower of Fantasy does have some launch issues. However, the developer compensates players for these issues, including missing purchases/items.

If you are wondering where the Tower of Fantasy items are that you have purchased, then it should be great news that the developers are on it.

In a news post, Hotta Studio noted, "All the missing purchases have been delivered," and they are deeply sorry for the issue.

Further, the developer notes that there will be Dark Crystals for those who ran into the Tower of Fantasy missing purchases issue, stating: "To compensate Wanderers who made the Tanium purchase, Dark Crystals will be given as compensation. For Wanderers who purchased other items, an equal amount of Tanium for the same price bracket of the purchased item will also be given to the Wanderers, along with dark crystals, as compensation."

Tower of Fantasy missing purchases items free dark crystals reward
Wanderers will receive Dark Crystals as compensation for missing Tower of Fantasy purchases. (Picture: Hotta Studio)

Not all Wanderers might have received their missing items or Dark Crystal compensation. The developers explained on 15th August 2022 that the delivery of these items would be distributed one after another.

Players are urged to wait patiently until they receive their missing purchases and free Dark Crystals. Players should contact Customer Support with as many details on their missing purchases if all else fails.

If you are waiting for your missing Tower of Fantasy purchases to be delivered, check out the game's latest trailer below.

Most Wanderers might not need to do anything to get their missing purchases in Tower of Fantasy and a nice reward in the form of some Dark Crystals, so just hang on for a little while longer.

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Featured image courtesy of Hotta Studio.