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How To Get & Use Nano coating In Tower Of Fantasy

Wanderers are always seeking ways to improve and upgrade their weapons. Learn how to get and use Nano Coating in Tower of Fantasy.
How To Get & Use Nano coating In Tower Of Fantasy

The new MMO Tower of Fantasy has plenty of missions and side quests for Wanderers to enjoy. As a result, many of these missions and boss battles will help to increase their character's power level or upgrade their Weapons.

Nano Coating is a way for Wanderers to augment the performance of their weapons in Tower of Fantasy, but it is only available to Wanderers ranked Level 20 or above. In this guide, we’ll cover everything about Nano Coating, including their different types and how to get and use them in Tower of Fantasy.  

Tower of Fantasy - How to get and use Nano Coating 

what are nano coatings in tower of fantasy
Nano Coating will be stored in Weapon argumentation boxes. (Picture: YouTube / Vulkan)

As mentioned, there are multiple ways that you can upgrade weapons in Tower of Fantasy, and Nano Coating is one of them. Nano Coating is a type of special Augment Material you can use to boost a weapon's performance.

You need to be at Level 20 or higher to use Nano Coating technology in Tower of Fantasy. The weapon you plan to upgrade should also be Level 30 or more. There are three different types of Nano Coating that you can find in Tower of Fantasy; we've listed each of them below.

  • Nano Coating I: Coating developed from the new technology that slightly improves weapon performance.

  • Nano Coating II: Redeveloped coating after more research to improve weapon performance.

  • Nano Coating III: Coating developed from exclusive Hykros Technology to greatly improve weapon performance. 

how to spend nano coating tower of fantasy
Obtain points by spending your Nano Coating. (Picture:YouTube / Deku Danu)

Nano Coating will also increase your character's Power Level. You can spend Nano Coating instead of using them to augment your weapons; for example, you can spend 4 Nano Coating I and obtain 25 Points.

There are six ways to get Nano Coating in Tower of Fantasy:

  • Weapon Augment Kit Box (select Nano Coatings)

  • RNG Loot by cracking Password Chest II

  • Interstellar Exploration 

  • Dimensional Trails 

  • Omnium Beacon 

  • Weapons Store

Nano Coating can also be Fused to create a higher level. Wanderers will need 4 Nano Coating I to get 1 Nano Coating II and 5 Nano Coating II to get 1 Nano Coating III. That concludes our guide on how to get and use Nano coating in Tower of Fantasy.

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Featured image courtesy of Hotta Studio.