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Tower Of Fantasy Vera Orienteering - How To Play & Rewards

Explore the brand new Vera region with our guide on how to play the new Vera Orienteering event and its rewards in Tower of Fantasy.
Tower Of Fantasy Vera Orienteering - How To Play & Rewards

The all-new Vera region of Tower of Fantasy is set to open up to players once the new 2.0 version releases sometime in the Fall of 2022. But to give players a taste of this new region, Hotta Studio has announced the Vera Orienteering event that will give players a quick look at the new region.

If you're eager to see the new Vera Region, the content it offers, and want to participate in the Vera Orienteering event, then we have you covered. Below you can find all the details you need to know to play in the new Vera Orienteering event and the rewards available if you can beat the challenges this new event will present.

Tower Of Fantasy Vera Orienteering - How To Play & Rewards

Beginning on the 26th September until the 11th October, fans of Tower of fantasy can get a look at the Vera region during the new Vera Orienteering event. The emphasis of this event will be on teamwork and raids to defeat world bosses. Players who defeat world bosses will receive more rewards, including chests that can be unlocked using Type III chips.

Tower Of Fantasy Vera Orienteering How To Play & Rewards rewards, challenges and more
The upcoming Vera Orienteering event features new challenges, rewards, and a look at the new Vera region. (Picture: Hotta Studio)

The occasion will also introduce several fresh items that can be used to exchange goods in the store. This short-lived event will be pertinent to the new area because it will also feature upcoming characters who were teased in the Vera region.

To start, the Wanderer will search the new map for Warp Energy Cells as part of the Vera Orienteering event. You can get these by finishing event instances or defeating world bosses. Since not all players are capable of defeating the world boss by themselves, it will be particularly difficult for lone players, but by teaming up with others, you can make it much easier. 

Special items called "Proof of Contributions" will be collected using the Warp Energy Cells, to do so, players must use the event page to trade the Warp Energy Cells for Proof of Contributions. The Aida Café is currently using the event page, but the new event will take its place after the Aida Café event is formally ended.

A limited-time shop will be opened where players can redeem items that can be used to upgrade their character's combat strength, just like in previous events. The Journey Store is the name of the new store. Some of the rewards players can receive from the Journey Store include a red nucleus, energy crystal dust, an avatar frame, a chat bubble, and likely more that will come as time goes on.

Tower Of Fantasy Vera Orienteering How To Play & Rewards three new challenges and rewards
The Vera Orienteering event will feature three main events and each will have new rewards up for grabs. (Picture: Hotta Studio)

Three challenges - Entrusted Investigation, Cleaning Agreement, and Cleaner Contract - will be the format of the new Vera Orienteering event, and below you can find a breakdown of each along with the rewards you'll be able to obtain: 

Entrusted Investigation - The first leg of the event entails exploring the environment in search of strewn password chests and cracking them. It's recommended that players stock up on Type I, II, and III chips before the event begins to ensure that they'll have enough to claim the rewards inside.

  • Core Rewards: Chat Bubble: Set Off Again, red nucleus, energy crystal dust, special voucher (server progress reward).

Cleaning Agreement - The player must complete a world boss raid to advance to the next phase of the event. Be sure to keep an eye out in the global chat for any crew members who might be willing to join you in a world boss raid.

  • Core Rewards: Avatar Frame: Gaze Mirroria, red nucleus, energy crystal dust, dark crystal (server progress reward).

Cleaner Contract - The last part of the challenge will require the player to work in a small group. Similar situations include when a player tries to engage in a Joint Operation or a Frontier Clash. Once you've registered for the event, you can either manually search for a team that's recruiting for it or you can let the server queue you up with other players.

  • Core Rewards: Title: Vera Navigator, SSR Relic: Spacetime Rift, red nucleus, energy crystal dust, dark crystal (server progress reward).

And that's everything you need to know regarding the upcoming Vera Orienteering event and how to play it and claim all the rewards. And we hope to see you all in the world of Aida soon. 

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Featured image courtesy of Hotta Studio.