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How To Unlock Jetpack In Tower Of Fantasy

Find out how to get the Jetpack relic item within Tower of Fantasy to make traversal around the world far easier than before.
How To Unlock Jetpack In Tower Of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy is a game full of progression that allows players to earn items such as a Jetpack to assist in world traversal. Along with vehicles or fast travel, earning one of these gliders for personal use can save plenty of time and grief.

Jetpacks are technically a relic or a gadget within Tower of Fantasy that serves mainly as a way to get around the map. There is a whole laundry list of different relics that allow you to pull off varied mechanics. Each one is special and can take some time to unlock. Luckily the one we want in this guide won't take too long at all.

Tower of Fantasy - How to unlock the Jetpack

Jetpack Icon
The Jetpack is a relic item that eats endurance. (Picture: YouTube / ON Game)

For the Jetpack, progression in combat and the world is your main objective. As such an integral item for everyone, it wasn't locked behind a massive barrier. In general, you will only need to progress a bit in the main quest and Shirli will give it to you.

Some summoning items, or SR gadgets, can be unlocked by using crystals. Those are one of the many currencies in the game that can also be earned through dailies or further progression. However, simply playing Tower of Fantasy will eventually lead you to the gadget you want to fly.

Getting the Jetpack will likely be the least of your worries. It's quick to get, but it can take some time to upgrade. At a base level, you will run out of stamina in the air pretty fast, and you'll need to use some reset mechanics to get far. This can work for reaching higher places, but may not cut it on some of the open world puzzles.

Jetpack Traversal
This relic is integral to some puzzles and traversal. (Picture: YouTube / ON Game)

Upgrades are another part of progression, and a great reason to go after currencies tied to the daily or weekly challenges. By default, the Jetpack will eat up Endurance every one second that you are applying the rockets. Gliding will not be taken into account and can save some time.

Each Jetpack will have two charges applied to it, and once they are used up, there is a 120-second cooldown period. So if you are conserving the power, make sure to use your jumps wisely. Otherwise, utilize the directional dashes to your advantage, and get through the Tower of Fantasy world faster than ever.

And that's all. For more on the game, check out our section dedicated to Tower of Fantasy guides, news, updates, tips, and more.


Featured image courtesy of YouTube / ON Game.