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Where To Find Frost Bot World Boss In Tower Of Fantasy

World bosses are the best way to test your ability. Learn how to find and defeat Frost Bot in Tower of Fantasy and the rewards you'll unlock.
Where To Find Frost Bot World Boss In Tower Of Fantasy

Hotta Studio's newest gatch-based MMO Tower of Fantasy has surged in popularity, boasting a plethora of weapons, resources, and exciting quests for Wanderers to undertake. Taking on World Bosses can be challenging, but the rewards are always worth the battle, offering powerful weapons, matrix chips, shards, and more.

With its mechanical body and menacing pincers, the Frost Bot is one of the Navia region bosses that will pose a massive challenge to Wanderers. This guide will detail where you can find Frost Bot in Tower of Fantasy, including what items this boss will drop once it has been defeated. 

Where is Frost Bot located in Tower of Fantasy?

where to find frost bot world boss tower of fantasy
Frost Bot can be found in a shallow lake in the Navia region in Tower of Fantasy. (Picture: YouTuber / UnderEz)

In total, there are six World Bosses in Tower of Fantasy. The location of the Frost Bot is in the Navia region in Aesperia. In particular, you'll find Frost Bot south of Navia Bay and Raincaller Island, situated in a shallow lake guarding a circular metal plate.

Be mindful that this region has particularly high Omnium radiation levels, so ensure that your Suppressors are Level V3.5 or above. If you don't know how to do this, check out our "How To Upgrade Suppressor In Tower Of Fantasy" guide to learn how to use and find Potent Omnium Crystals to facilitate these upgrades.

How to beat Frost Bot in Tower Of Fantasy

how to beat frost bot tower of fantasy boss
Frost Bot is a formidable World Boss in Tower of Fantasy (Picture: YouTuber / UnderEz) 

Frost Bot is a Level 35 World Boss in Tower of Fantasy. Therefore, it's recommended that you only approach Frost Bot once you are above Level 25. Otherwise, you will find it near impossible to defeat Frost Bot.

Make no mistake, defeating this Tower of Fantasy World Boss is no easy feat even if you're at the appropriate level; Frost Bot's metal body and sharp mechanical pincers make it an impenetrable foe in Tower of Fantasy.

Frost Bot Tower of Fantasy Tactics

As a result, we suggest teaming up with other high-rank players to defeat the Frost Bot; it would be best to team up with those who are ranged attackers. The reason for this is that Frost Bot is a melee-type World Boss. However, note that it does have ranged attacks; one of its attacks can freeze players, making them vulnerable to its attacks.

Frost Bot  World Boss item drops in Tower of Fantasy

frost bot item drops rewards tower of fantasy
After beating the Frost Bot World Boss, it will randomly drop eight items in Tower of Fantasy. (Picture: YouTuber / UnderEz) 

Once you have defeated Frost Bot, it will drop the items listed below. Note that these item rewards are random, meaning there is a chance drop rate for each.

  • Random SSR Weapon (low drop rate)

  • Huma SSR Matrix (low drop rate)

  • Random SR Weapon

  • Hovercannon Shard

  • Frost Bot: Matrix

  • Random R Matrix Chip

  • Weapon Battery III

  • Matrix Datapack III

That concludes our Frost Bot World Boss guide in Tower of Fantasy, including where to find and how to beat it.

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Featured image courtesy of YouTuber / UnderEz.