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How To Upgrade Suppressor In Tower Of Fantasy

Suppressors are a vital part of Wanderer's journey in Tower of Fantasy. Here's how to upgrade them using Potent Omnium Crystals.
How To Upgrade Suppressor In Tower Of Fantasy

Before humanity discovered the celestial element Omnium, harvested from the comet Mara, the planet of Aida in Tower of Fantasy used to be hospitable. However, after this discovery, Omnium's potency and radiation were quickly realized, with four of the five regions in Aesperia requiring Suppressors to explore.

Suppressors are vital for negating the harmful Omnium radiation; the further you progress in Tower of Fantasy, the more important it will become to upgrade them. This guide will detail everything about leveling up your Suppressors, including where you can find Potent Omnium Crystals and what other rewards you will receive from upgrading your Suppressors.

What Is A Suppressor in Tower Of Fantasy?

what is a suppressor in tower of fantasy
You'll need to upgrade your Suppressor to explore all of Aesperia. (Picture: Hotta Studio)

Suppressors form part of your standard equipment in Tower of Fantasy, protecting you from Omnium's harmful radiation damage that plague various regions of Aesperia, like Warren. You'll need to upgrade these as you progress in the game, as each level offers varying degrees of protection.

If you have entered an area with high radiation levels and your Suppressors have not been upgraded, you will receive an alert, and the corners of your screen will pulse with a red hue. You will have to vacate the area immediately, or your health levels will drop, and you will die.

How to Power Up Suppressors in Tower of Fantasy

There are seven different levels of Suppressors. The first four levels are called Suppressors, and the final three are called Amplifiers. Each can be upgraded five times.

how to upgrade suppressors potent omnium crystals tower of fantasy
Upgrade your Suppressors by collecting Potent Omnium Crystals in Tower of Fantasy. (Picture: YouTube / Macon) 

To upgrade your Suppressors, you must obtain Potent Omnium Crystals. These crystals were produced by Hykros and are used exclusively for upgrading Suppressors in Tower of Fantasy.

You can get Potent Omnium Crystals by completing the Terminal Story. Otherwise, you can get in any of the following ways: Ruins, Explorations rewards, Wanderer’s Log, Level 1 Crew Store, Clear reward of Bygone Phantasm.

unlock new suppressor in tower of fantasy
You need more than Potent Omnium Crystals to upgrade your Suppressors. (Picture: YouTube / Maconn) 

Suppressors are also directly linked to your Combat Score (CS). You will not be able to upgrade your Suppressors if your CS has not met the recommended requirements needed for the upgrade. You can increase your CS by equipping armor with higher CS, Matrices, and weapons in Tower of Fantasy.

Once you have obtained enough Potent Omnium Crystals and your CS has reached the recommended requirements, open your Menu and select “Suppressor.” You will then be taken to the various levels of Suppressors and can continue by choosing the “Upgrade” button.

tower of fantasy echo matrices
Echo Matrices are unlocked after upgrading the V4.5 Suppressor in Tower of Fantasy. (Picture: YouTube / Maconn)

Besides the extra Attack power and HP you can receive from upgrading your Suppressors, you can also receive Matrices from Echo and Shiro. Matrices are a type of weapon attachment that provides special effects and boosts.

Echo Matrices

  • V1.5 Suppressor: Until the End 

  • V2.5 Suppressor: Post Crisis 

  • V3.5 Suppressor: Black or White

  • V4.5 Suppressor: Homesick

Shiro Matrices 

  • V5.5 Amplifier: Cat-like 

  • V6.5 Amplifier: Longing for the Sea

  • V7.5 Amplifier: Great Singer

That concludes our guide on how to upgrade Suppressors in Tower of Fantasy.

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Featured image courtesy of YouTube / Maconn.