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Where To Get Balloon Fruit In Tower Of Fantasy

You can find Balloon Fruit easily across Astra and Navia. Here are all the Balloon Fruit locations and how to use them in Tower of Fantasy.
Where To Get Balloon Fruit In Tower Of Fantasy

There are plenty of resources to utilize in Tower of Fantasy. The new gacha game by Hotta Studio allows Wanderers to explore various regions and discover new items that they can use to bolster their satiety and HP restoration.

Balloon Fruit is one of those cooking items. While it has low satiety when consumed by itself, using Balloon Fruit as an ingredient in one of the many cooking recipes in Tower of Fantasy can offer additional stats that greatly benefit Wanderers.

This guide will detail where to get Balloon Fruit in Tower of Fantasy, including all the recipe materials needed to use it at the Cooking Station. 

How to find Balloon Fruit in Tower of Fantasy

balloon fruit location in tower of fantasy
You can find Balloon Fruit on bushes in the Astra and Navia. (Picture: Tower of Fantasy Interactive Map / App Sample)

Suppose you're wondering where to find Ballon Fruit in Tower of Fantasy. In that case, you'll be happy to know that you can locate it relatively easily in the Astra and Navia regions of Aesperia.

You can find the Balloon Fruit on short bushes and collect three of these items per bush. The Balloon Fruit is a circular green fruit with spikes jutting upwards. 

You can farm the Balloon Fruit in the following locations in Tower of Fantasy. In Astra, you can find them in the Ring of Echos, Football Field, and Crimson Pillars. You can also find them in these coordinates in Asta: (-986.0, 1024.4), (-1021.3, 860.1), (-1141.5, 643.7).

You can also find Balloon Fruit in the Navia region. In particular, you'll find it located west of Raincaller Island and near the Spacerift west of Cetus Island.

How to use Balloon Fruit in Tower of Fantasy 

how to use balloon fruit tower of fantasy cooking recipe
Balloon Fruit can only regenerate 2 Satiety when consumed alone in Tower of Fantasy. (Picture: Hotta Studio)

Balloon Fruit only provides 2 Satiety when consumed raw on its own. In this regard, it's best to make a Balloon Fruit Salad via the Cooking Station to optimize the stats offered by this ingredient.

The Balloon Fruit Salad requires 2 Balloon Fruit, 2 Thronmato, and 1 Salad Dressing and will regenerate 10 Satiety and restore 16% +36,000 HP immediately once consumed.

That concludes our guide on where to get Balloon Fruit in Tower of Fantasy. 

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Featured image courtesy of YouTuber / WarbyGaming.