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Netflix Renews The Sandman For Season 2

Netflix has officially renewed its esteemed fantasy adaptation of Neil Gaiman's DC comic 'The Sandman' for a second season.
Netflix Renews The Sandman For Season 2

Netflix's esteemed fantasy series, adapted from Neil Gaiman's DC comics, The Sandman, has officially been renewed for a second season. Netflix announced this news on 10th November 2022 via its blog page, noting that The Sandman Season 2 would explore Morpheus' mysterious world and dive deeper into narratives involving him, Lucifer, and many more characters. 

This announcement follows after the wide praise the series received for being one of the best shows on Netflix in 2022, with an overall Rotten Tomato rating of 87% and an audience score of 80%. That said, details about the second installment's storyline haven't been shared thus far.

netflix renewed the sandman second season
Netflix has renewed The Sandman for a second season.

The Sandman follows the character, Sandman, also known as Dream (Morpheus incarnation), who's a cosmic being capable of controlling all dreams. However, Sandman was captured and held prisoner for more than a century, but later must journey across different worlds and timelines to fix the chaos his absence has caused. The Sandman Season 2 will continue this narrative. It's likely to assume the series will show a lot of newer faces, as well as older ones.

The only slight information that can lead fans' expectations of The Sandman Season 2's narrative is a quote from Neil Gaiman himself, who stated that there are "some astonishing stories waiting for Morpheus and the rest of them." Neil added, "Lucifer is waiting for Morpheus to return to Hell."

Unfortunately, no additional information about The Sandman Season 2's release has been announced. However, it's safe to assume the second installment of the Netflix series will arrive in 2023, if not a little later -- and there will be hell to pay.

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All featured images are courtesy of Netflix.