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Yes, Hasbulla really is in UFC 5

It might sound farfetched, but social media sensation Hasbulla is officially in UFC 5.
Yes, Hasbulla really is in UFC 5

After years of waiting for a new installment, UFC 5 is already lighting things up as players dive into the game for early access. This year's game is packed with fighting legends from Kimbo Slice to Muhammad Ali, but there's one star few may have expected. After going viral in the last few years and becoming friends with several MMA fighters, Hasbulla is officially a part of UFC 5.

Yes, Hasbulla really is in UFC 5

Hasbulla UFC 5

Just a few short years after becoming a social media sensation, Hasbulla has found himself immortalized in the release of UFC 5. While he's not a playable character you can use in a fight, Hasbulla is part of the entourage seen when Islam Makhachev makes his way to the octagon.

Hasbulla, who has a form of dwarfism caused by a growth hormone deficiency, initially gained notoriety with a handful of viral videos early in the pandemic, but he soon became a regular fixture of several UFC events. Hasbulla's regular attendance led to him becoming friends with several UFC fighters and even UFC President & CEO Dana White.

UFC 5 Hasbulla

There have actually been some teases of a potential UFC fight for Hasbulla as a rivalry grew between him and Abdu Rozik, who also has a form of dwarfism. However, the possiblity received heavy criticism from the Russian Dwarf Athletic Association and didn't end up actually happening.

While not a fighter for the federation, Hasbulla did sign a five-year contract with the UFC just last year. Hasbulla was already expected to remain a fixture of UFC events by providing content when he attends them, and now fans can see the sensation every time Islam Makhachev heads through the arena in UFC 5 for his next big fight.