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How to Touch Gloves in UFC 5

Show a little respect by learning how to touch gloves before every fight in UFC 5 gets rolling.
How to Touch Gloves in UFC 5

While many things have changed in UFC 5, there will be no shortage of players still looking to touch gloves as each fight kicks off. Whether you're playing offline or online, knowing how to do this simple sign of respect is a great way to get fully immersed in UFC 5. We've also got some tips you need to keep in mind when you touch gloves in UFC 5 as far as how your opponent might respond.

How to Touch Gloves in UFC 5

How to Touch Gloves in UFC 5

Fortunately for players that are used to the previous installments, UFC 5 hasn't changed anything when it comes to how you touch gloves before every fight gets rolling. Just hold LT on Xbox or L2 on PS5 as the fight begins to extend your lead hand and touch gloves in UFC 5.

It's as simple as that, but the outcome of this move isn't guaranteed. While many fighters will extend their hand and match you by touching gloves, that isn't always the case. If you're in Career Mode, you're more likely to get a glove touch from a fighter you've built a positive relationship with.

On the flip side, if you're up against a rival it's likely any glove touch will be ignored and could see them take the opportunity for an opening shot while your guard is down. The same thing could happen online, as some players prefer to feign a glove touch only to draw you in for a cheap shot.

While your decision whether or not to touch gloves in UFC 5 will largely be situational, you can at least rely on a simple control for the move. You can also find our complete UFC 5 controls guide here if you want more details on what to do after your glove touch attempt.