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Is V Rising available to play on the Steam Deck?

Players are asking if they can play V Rising on Steam Deck. We've checked out the game's Steam Deck compatibility and workaround solutions.
Is V Rising available to play on the Steam Deck?

V Rising has become Steam's latest breakout hit, securing over 120,000 concurrent players since its Early Access release. During this time, developer Stunlock Studios are working to smooth out the game, fix a myriad of bugs and issues and improve the player experience before its full release.

Many players are asking online if the game is compatible with Steam Deck and if they can play it now. We have the answers to these questions if players can play V Rising on Steam Deck and how to achieve it.

Is V Rising available to play on Steam Deck?

As of writing, Stunlock Studios' survival isometric game, V Rising, is currently not supported for Valve's handheld console, Steam Deck. The game is now available through Steam's Early Access program, so there is no word whether it will be available for the Steam Deck.

Another area of concern is that the game doesn't have controller support, meaning that it cannot be played on Steam Deck. According to a response from the developer to a player request on Twitter, while they're not working on controller support for the game, "it isn't impossible," but players shouldn't "expect it".

How to play V Rising on Steam Deck?

v rising steam deck compatibility how to play workaround solution handheld console
V Rising isn't supported for the Steam Deck as the developer isn't planning to provide controller support soon. (Picture: Valve)

V Rising may not be available for PC players to hop into on the Steam Deck; there is a workaround solution to get the game running on the handheld console. According to GamingOnLinux, you can run the isometric survival game on the Steam Deck and Linux desktops through a software tool.

To run the game on the Steam deck, you'll need to install a compatibility tool, Proton, which, used together with the Steam client, lets the device run games compatible with the Steam Deck. Then, locate Proton Experimental within the Steam library, navigate to the Properties sub-menu, and find the Beta tab.

Choose the "bleeding-edge" option from the dropdown menu within the Beta tab before selecting V Rising from your game library. From the game's Steam page, go to Properties once again and this time, choose the Compatibility tab and check the box beside Proton Experimental.

v rising steam deck compatibility how to play workaround solution steam client properties pop-up menu
Head to your Steam client, locate the V Rising Steam page in your library and click on the gear icon to bring up a pop-up menu. (Picture: Valve)

From here, you can run Steam Deck-supported games on the handheld console; however, some players have reported issues like gameplay video not running. Other notable issues include dropped framerates and game crashes, so maybe running V Rising through Proton Experimental may not be worth your while.

There is a chance you may not encounter any of these performance and technical issues when launching V Rising on Proton Experimental. It could be interesting to check out, but we advise players to proceed with caution.

We want to thank the YouTube channel GamingOnLinux for their complete tutorial on how to play V Rising on the Steam Deck via Proton Experimental. Please consider subscribing to their channel for more content.

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Featured image courtesy of Stunlock Studios.