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Does V Rising have controller support?

You will find all your questions about controller support in V Rising answered here.
Does V Rising have controller support?

V Rising is an open-world survival game developed and published by Stunlock Studios. Released on 17th May 2022, V Rising has gained a lot of positive attention from the gaming community. The game involves crafting, castle building, and fast-paced combat mechanics.

Indeed, the developers have perfectly tuned the game for PC, and all its controls feel responsive. While some gamers may prefer using traditional keyboard and mouse combinations, others might lean towards taking a back seat and enjoying the game with a controller. Unfortunately, it is not good news for the latter.

Is there Controller Support in V Rising?

At present, V Rising does not offer any controller support, and it is doubtful that the title will get one in the near future. Recently, Stunlock Studios responded to several player complaints regarding the lack of controller support on the game’s official community page on Steam.

v rising controller support answered
Screenshot of gameplay from V Rising. (Picture: Stunlock Studios)

The developer said, "We are not planning on designing the game with a controller or gamepad in mind for the time being." Instead, they noted that they were "developing V Rising to be best enjoyed with a keyboard and mouse while making sure that it is easy enough for everyone to learn the controls."

"During our tests, players who mostly enjoy games with a controller [or] gamepad learned the controls on the keyboard and mouse without issue during their first V Rising experience," the developers continued.

Based on this response, it would seem that V Rising is optimized for playing with a keyboard and mouse. Accordingly, using a controller may hinder the playing experience.

The developers further explained how the key bindings would be very helpful in the game compared to a controller. "Furthermore, you will be able to bind keys to the different commands to make it even easier for you to play V Rising exactly as you want, giving you all the freedom you need to enact all your dark desires."

does v rising support controllers
Artwork from V Rising. (Picture: Stunlock Studios)

While some players have accepted the standard PC controls, others who are presumably pro-controller gamers have rejected this sentiment.

Indeed, V Rising may have been an impressive title to make its way on Stream Deck. However, the developers probably won’t release the game on Valve’s handheld gaming device, given the lack of controller support. With that said, who knows? Perhaps we could see updates or future iterations of the game which enable controller support. Only time will tell.

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Featured image courtesy of Stunlock Studios.