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How Does Gear Score Work In V Rising

To succeed in V Rising, Gear Score is integral to your character and survival. Here's how it works.
How Does Gear Score Work In V Rising

There are a handful of important systems in V Rising that help that player to survive the dangerous world, but there may be nothing more important to combat than Gear Score itself. These stats will ensure that you can venture to higher-level areas and take on intimidating bosses.

Most survival games lack anything that resembles a Gear Score system, but V Rising happens to be a gameplay cross between survival games and Diablo. This means character building and increasing overall gear is the motivation behind the grind, along with other building systems.

V Rising - Checking and raising your Gear Score

v rising gear
Check in your inventory to see the Gear Score. (Picture: Stunlock Studios)

Gear Score in V Rising is the overall indicator of your current power level. Low-level armour with bad stats will lead to a lower Gear Score overall. You can view your gear score at any time by checking the number next to your health bar, or by opening up your inventory.

Any time equipment with stats tied to it is taken off or equipped, the overall score will change along with it, meaning your score is not permanent. Increasing the score is the name of the game in V Rising though, and it is your best chance against difficult encounters.

To increase the score and get new gear, there are a couple of ways to hunt down loot. The most streamlined way is to stick to the quests that are provided in V Rising, as they will typically lead to better equipment and bonuses for your own base.

If you want to go beyond the normal quests in the game, the other option is to utilize the Blood Altar at your own base. These will require you to have enough bonuses unlocked and the right materials to build the item.

Once you have the Blood Altar built and placed, you can track and kill major bosses in the game. Taking them out will give you rare resources and structures that enable the use of higher-level recipes. Of course, this leads to far better armour and weapons.

What is the max gear score in V Rising?

v rising altar
Utilize a Blood Altar to find bosses. (Picture: Stunlock Studios)

Though grinding for better equipment is part of the main objective, there eventually needs to be a wall. Gear Score does have a max level which brings players up to par with some of the scariest bosses in the game.

The max Gear Score is set to 80 overall, which will certainly take a bit to reach, but it's possible. With bonuses such as Synergy, that score can reach 81, but it's not the technical maximum set within the game.

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Featured image courtesy of Stunlock Studios.