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V Rising Grinder: How To Build, Materials & More

Learn everything about the Grinder in V Rising, an important workstation used to craft various resources.
V Rising Grinder: How To Build, Materials & More

Struggling to build a Grinder in V Rising? Or perhaps you need a refresher on all the materials you can craft with it? No worries -- we've got you covered. Despite being one of the more basic refinement structures, the Grinder is an incredibly important workstation.

Serving as the foundation for unlocking advanced armor and structures, knowing how to use the Grinder is paramount to your progression. This guide will detail everything there is to know about the Grinder in V Rising, including how to build it, the materials required, and how to use it.

Updated on 19 May 2023: We've updated this page to reflect the changes after the V Rising: Secrets of Gloomrot update.

How To Build The Grinder In V Rising

v rising grinder

The Grinder is unlocked by default relatively early in the game. You'll find it in the "Refinement" section of the "Build" menu. However, before you can build a Grinder in V Rising, you must first gather a few crafting materials, detailed below:

  • 8x Plank
  • 4x Copper Ingot
  • 4x Whetstone

Plank is fairly ubiquitous and easy to come by, so we won't explain in detail how to find this. But, in short, you can refine it from Wood at the Sawmill. As for the Whetstone and Copper Ingot materials, you can refer to the sections below.

Where To Find Whetstone In V Rising

You can find Whetstone in chests by looting enemy encampments around the Farbane Woods region of Vardoran. You'd likely know where to find this because it's also required to build the Furnance. You can also craft Whetsone (requires 1x Copper Ingot + 12x Stone Dust) directly at the Furnace after unlocking the recipe from Grayson the Armorer.

Where To Find Copper Ingot In V Rising

Copper Ingot is forged at the Furnace in V Rising. However, before you can make it, you must mine Copper Ore from the Copper Ore Nodes scattered across the map. Primarily found around the Farbane Woods area, the best place to farm Copper Ore is inside the Bandit Copper Mine. You will require 20x Copper Ore to craft 1x Copper Ingot.

How To Use The Grinder In V Rising: Recipes & Materials

v rising grinder craft resources

Assuming you have all the required crafting materials, you can build the Grinder from the Build menu, placing it in any eligible space within your base's claimed territory. Then, you can continue to make several resources by interacting with it.

Here is a list of things you can craft at the Grinder:

Material Ingredients
Stone Brick + Stone Dust 12x Stone
Stone Body 4x Stone Brick + 12x Clay
Pollen 20x any Flower Type
Grave Dust 64x Bones
Gem Dust Any tier 1/2/3 Gem
Spectral Dust 1x Scourgestone + 32x Ghost Crystal

And that's everything you need to know about how to build and use the Grinder in V Rising. Remember, you can reduce the crafting duration by 25% by placing the Grinder in a confined Castle Room. Also, if the room has a matching floor (Forge Floor), you'll also get -25% material cost!

Featured image courtesy of Stunlock Studios and YouTube / Lenovel.

V Rising Grinder: How To Build, Materials & More FAQ

How do I build a Grinder in V Rising?

To build a Grinder in V Rising, go to the "Build" menu and find it under the "Refinement" section. You'll need 8x Plank, 4x Copper Ingot, and 4x Whetstone as crafting materials.

Where can I find Whetstone in V Rising?

You can find Whetstone in chests by looting enemy encampments in the Farbane Woods region. Alternatively, you can craft Whetstone at the Furnace using 1x Copper Ingot and 12x Stone Dust.

Where can I find Copper Ingot in V Rising

To obtain Copper Ingot, mine Copper Ore from Copper Ore Nodes, mainly found in the Bandit Copper Mine in the Farbane Woods area. You'll need 20x Copper Ore to craft 1x Copper Ingot at the Furnace.