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V Rising Grinder – How to build, materials needed, and more

To complete the Building a castle quest, you'll need a Grinder to craft resources like stone bricks. Here's how you can build a Grinder in V Rising.
V Rising Grinder – How to build, materials needed, and more

Stunlock Studios' isometric survival game, V Rising, has players assume the role of a vampire who has awakened from centuries of slumber. To regain your strength through consuming blood, you'll need to protect yourself from the world, its environments, and the sun's blazing rays.

Restoring your Castle is no easy feat, but having a Grinder built on your property can help you produce the resources needed to fortify your deathly home. This guide explains how to craft a Grinder, the materials you'll need, and how to use it in V Rising.

How to craft/build a Grinder in V Rising?

v rising crafting guide grinder equipment how to build tutorial resources
Players can unlock the blueprint for the Grinder but require resources to build it. (Picture: YouTube / Levonel)

The Grinder machine will be unlocked to all players during the game's tutorial, saving time tracking down a blueprint or defeating a boss to acquire it. This piece of equipment is perhaps most important as you can use it to produce a variety of resources such as stone bricks and its by-product, stone dust.

To build a Grinder on your property, you can find it under the Refinement category in the Production tab from the Building menu. You'll need the Castle Heart to power up the Grinder, which is necessary to produce resources you may need for crafting.

By looking at the blueprint, you can view the resources required to build one for your Castle. Building a Grinder needs four Whetstones, four Copper Ingots/bars, and eight wooden planks to make.

v rising crafting guide grinder equipment resources whetstones stone dust
Players can find Whetstones and Stone dust at the Bandit Armoury in Farbine woods. (Picture: YouTube / Kibbles - Video Game DataBank)

Acquiring the materials to make the Grinder, like Copper Ingots and wooden planks, is relatively easy to farm; however, Whetstones are harder to come by. You can loot this resource in bandit areas, and using the filer option on the map; you can see which bandit camp has higher concentrations of Whetstones.

Whetstones require a furnace to craft, which the blueprint can be acquired once you've defeated Grayson the Armorer in Farbane Woods. Once you've built a Grinder, you can craft Whetstones which require stone dust and a Copper Ingot.

v rising crafting guide grinder equipment
With the resources collected, you can build a Grinder to produce more resources to restore your castle. (Picture: YouTube / Kibbles - Video Game DataBank)

With the necessary materials in your inventory, head back to the Refinement category and scroll through the equipment until you've found the Grinder. Select the equipment and place it anywhere on your property, preferably near the Castle Heart.

The Grinder is vital in your progress during the Building a Castle quest, which tasks you with completing any area or room of your Castle. This can be achieved by installing floors and walls to get a roof over them.

As you'll need resources like stone bricks for the Castle's walls, you'll need a Grinder for this purpose. Once you've met the mission's objectives, this will unlock a new crafting blueprint which can help your further your progress in fortifying your Castle and avoid getting burnt by the natural sunlight.

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