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V Rising Prison Cell - How to build and get 100% Blood Type

Here's how to build a Prison Cell in V Rising and use it to get a 100% Blood Type whenever you need it.
V Rising Prison Cell - How to build and get 100% Blood Type
The world of V Rising poses many challenges to players on their quest to become the overlord of Vardoran. One of these challenges is maintaining a 100% blood type, reaping the benefits of doing so, and avoiding the drawbacks of a less pure one. 

Luckily there is a solution that involves using Prison Cells to create a healthy menu for you to feed on and maintain the blood type of your choosing. This guide will show you how to do just that, as you'll learn how to build Prison Cells and keep your 100% blood type in V Rising. 

How to a build Prison Cell in V Rising

To begin building your Prison Cells, you need to get the crafting recipe by defeating Vincent the Frostbringer, who can be found wandering the western side of the Dunley Farmlands. The Prison Cell requires 12 Iron Ingots, and luckily you can place as many of them as you like in any room of your castle. 

V Rising Prison Cell How To Build And Get 100% Blood Type Defeat Vincent the Frostbringer to receive the prison cell recipe
To receive the Prison Cell recipe, players must defeat Vincent the Frostbringer. (Picture: YouTube / InnovSurvivalist)

The Prison Cells are used to hold a human captive. You can lure humans back to your castle using the charm ability you learned in the earlier game stages. Once there, you can place them into a cell and begin draining them of the blood, maintaining your chosen blood type.

How to get a 100% blood type in V Rising

Maintaining a 100% blood type in V Rising requires two crucial factors. The first factor is feeding on only one blood type at a time to avoid resetting your blood constantly or receiving frail blood. The second factor is ensuring that blood type is of the highest purity percentage possible (100% is the most preferable).

V Rising Prison Cell How To Build And Get 100% Blood Type Prison Cells are used to capture humans for their blood type
Once unlocked, Prison Cells can be used to trap humans inside to feed on their specific blood type. (Picture: YouTube / InnovSurvivalist)

This is where Prison Cells are helpful, as now you can capture a human with the desired blood type and purity and then drain them of their blood whenever you desire.

How to drain prisoners' blood

To drain your victims' blood, you need to interact with the cell they're in and click the "Drain Blood" button. This will require a new Glass Flask each time you drain and consume the blood, which you can craft at an Alchemy Bench after defeating the Level 44 Boss, Christina the Sun Priestess.

You can read our guide on how to make Glass from Quartz in V Rising, which details the best way to farm Glass in the game.

V Rising Prison Cell How To Build And Get 100% Blood Type You can Drain Prisoners for their Blood type for as long as you want
Once trapped, you can drain blood from a prisoner to give you certain buffs or kill them to be replaced with a better blood type. (Picture: YouTube / InnovSurvivalist)

Now you can capture multiple humans with the desired blood type and drain them for the blood you need at a moment's notice. So if you need a 100% Worker blood type for farming or a 100% Warrior blood type for raiding, you're good to go.

You can find stronger and more pureblood types in areas where enemies have higher gear ratings, such as Silverlight Hills or Northern Dunley Farmlands. While out, you can also use the Blood Hunger skill to spot a higher percentage of blood carriers without needing to hover your mouse over them.

V Rising Prison Cell How To Build And Get 100% Blood Type drainging blood from your prisoner drains their health and increases their misery
Draining prisoners' blood damages their health and increases their misery, so remember to feed them. (Picture: YouTube / InnovSurvivalist)

The last thing to remember is that draining a blood type costs a percentage of your health, but more importantly, a percentage of your prisoner's health. This is because the prisoner also has a misery meter that goes up each time you drain them, and the higher the misery, the more health loss they incur when drained. 

To combat this, make sure your prisoner is well fed, either by providing them rats at the bare minimum or doing some fishing to feed them well and lower their misery substantially. This keeps their health high and misery low, and while it may be a costly venture to do all that fishing to feed them, it is well worth it to have various 100% blood types available whenever you want.

We'd like to thank YouTube Channel InnovSurvivalist for their full guide on the V Rising Prisoner Guide and how to find and keep a 100% Blood Type. For more of their amazing content, consider subscribing to their channel. 

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