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V Rising Glass guide – Quartz farming locations and how to craft

Glass is a valuable resource to have, but to craft it requires Quartz. We've detailed the best farming locations and how to craft glass in V Rising.
V Rising Glass guide – Quartz farming locations and how to craft

V Rising has an abundance of essential materials you can mine and farm, which can be used for crafting gear, weapons, potions, and furnishings. While many recipes will emphasize Wood, Whetstones, and Copper, one resource many don't realize they need is Glass.

Glass is mainly used to craft Glass Vials and Windows but finding Quartz and Glass is extremely rare. So we'll be exploring the best farming locations to find Quartz and Glass and explain how to craft Glass in V Rising.

V Rising Quartz guide – Best farming locations

To acquire V Rising Glass, you'll first need to farm Quartz materials before refining them into Glass; otherwise, you can loot Glass from enemies. Since Quartz is one of the more challenging resources to find, you'll need to locate its resource nodes in specific areas across Vardoran.

v rising guide glass quartz vardoran map locations dunley monastery farming
The Dunley Monastery is a great location to farm Quartz and Glass in Vardoran. (Picture: Mapgenie)

When starting, you can head out to the Dunley Farmlands, navigating west from the Militia Camp to locate the Dunley Monastery. Behind the church, you can find plenty of Quartz nodes to destroy. Players are advised to have a couple of Holy Resistance consumables, as radiation in this location makes it challenging to move around.

It's worth mentioning that enemies in this area will have Glass to loot, so handling the enemies before farming may be more worthwhile. Additionally, there are plenty of unbreakables, coffins, and hidden chests in the Dunley Monastery that may have other valuable materials to loot.

v rising guide glass quartz dunley monastery garden
There is a garden area in front of the monastery where you can farm more Quartz. (Picture: YouTube / Legacy Gaming)

If you head out to the garden area in front of the monastery, you can find more Quartz to farm, which you should have a decent supply of for several projects. This will be the central location for most players until the later game, where you can also find Quartz and Glass at the Silverlight Hills and Cursed Forest.

V Rising Quartz guide – How to craft

You'll need to have a few Furnaces built to craft Glass, which needs a Castle Heart to power them. Crafting a single pane of Glass requires 20 Quartz pieces and the Glass blueprint, awarded after defeating the Level 44 V Blood carrier boss, Christina the Sun Priestess, located in the Dunley Farmlands.

Additionally, if you have a Forging Floor installed in your castle, you can decrease the Quartz needed to craft Glass to 15 pieces for one pane of Glass.

With a Furnace and the Glass recipe in hand, place 20 Quartz inside to craft one pane of Glass, but you may need more Glass to complete massive projects.

We want to thank the YouTube channel Legacy Gaming for their complete walkthrough on where to find Glass and Quartz in V Rising. Please consider subscribing to their channel for more content.

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Featured image courtesy of Stunlock Studios.