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V Rising Reinforced Bone Mace - How To Craft And Uses

Create a Reinforced Bone Mace to get all the Copper you need in V Rising with our handy guide.
V Rising Reinforced Bone Mace - How To Craft And Uses

There are a ton of tools that vampires need to build their empire in V Rising, and one of the integral pieces of equipment is the Reinforced Bone Mace. Anyone who wants to get their own sources of Copper will need to craft this tool before getting to higher material levels.

Before attempting to make anything, you're going to need a Simple Workbench in your castle. Even without the intention of a mace, these benches are incredibly important to the building process and they can be put together with the use of a Sawmill. Once you have those two in place, you can move on to some upgraded tools.

How to craft a Reinforced Bone Mace in V Rising

V Rising Bone Mace mining
Bone Maces can be used to collect ore. (Picture: YouTube / Rodwenn)

Once you get a standard Bone Mace, you can use it to destroy and harvest normal stones for nearly every purpose, but that use only goes so far. You'll need to save this Bone Mace to upgrade into a Reinforced Bone Mace through the Simple Workbench.

Before you can initiate the upgrade though, you'll need a few different ingredients. The first is the normal Bone Mace, but the others include 120 Stone and 4 Planks. Having an axe and a Sawmill is important for the planks, but the 120 Stone can be obtained through your first club and a Grinder.

Nearly every tool in V Rising has a base that is later upgraded to something else. It's a good reminder to save all of your core items and bring them to the corresponding Workbench. This will be important when you want to upgrade your resources from Copper to Iron.

Now that you have your own Reinforced Bone Mace, you'll want to put it to work and continue the upgrades to your Vampiric empire, starting with material mining.

What is the Reinforced Bone Mace used for?

V Rising bone mace mine
Collect Copper with your Reinforced Mace. (Picture: YouTube / Rodwenn)

The most important use for the Reinforced Bone Mace is essentially mining. Though it doesn't look like a pickaxe and has a separate animation, they work the same way. Vampires need to hit ore veins with the mace to break them apart and pick up the raw materials that fall around the ground.

When you do collect enough resources, they need to be refined before they have any real use. Copper Ore needs to be smelted down in a furnace in order to get a Copper Ingot product. These can be used for more advanced tools and weapons.

Reinforced Bone Maces can also be used for combat in a pinch. That same slow swing with high damage can be turned on enemies, but this is saved for more tanky characters. Other weapons have far better prospects in combat.

And that's all. We'd like to thank Rodwenn for the video on Copper materials.

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Featured image courtesy of YouTube / Rodwenn.