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V Rising Blood Essence Guide - How To Farm, Craft, More

Blood Essence is the primary resource in V Rising. Here's how it works, alongside the best ways to farm and craft it.
V Rising Blood Essence Guide - How To Farm, Craft, More

V Rising is a top-down Vampire survival game in which you will spend a lot of time hunting for valuable resources and, crafting weapons, items, and even building your own Castle with those resources. One of the most important resources in the game is Blood Essence.

You will need a lot of Blood Essence if you hope to survive in V Rising's vicious ever-changing world. Hence, here's our guide that explains how to get Blood Essence in V Rising.

How to farm Blood Essence in V Rising

blood essence farming v rising
Almost every drop Blood Essence in V Rising. (Picture: Youtube -NeverNathaniel / Stunlock Studios)

Blood Essence is rather easy to farm in V Rising. Every enemy you kill will drop Blood Essence. From low-level bandits to animals like Bear and Moose, every living creature in V Rising will have some Blood Essence for you. 

While the drop rate varies from enemy to enemy, a little trek into the Farbane Woods once in a while should provide you with plenty of Blood Essence.

Furthermore, you can track Blood Carriers from the Blood Altar section for a substantial amount of Blood Essence and rare crafting items like Unsullied Hearts.

How Blood Essence works in V Rising

castle heart blood essence v rising
You need Blood Essence to upgrade Castle Heart. (Picture: NeverNathaniel / Stunlock Studios)

In V Rising, you could either "Feed" other enemies to fill your Blood Pool or kill them entirely to gain Blood Essence. Both are crucial for your survival. Having an abundance of Blood Essence will allow you to build and protect various aspects of your Castle, including workstations like Grinder, Blood Altar, etc.

 Most importantly, you need a constant supply of Blood Essence to prevent Castle Heart Decay, as it would not only allow your workstations to function, but also protect your Castle from being raided by other online players.

How to craft Blood Essence in V Rising

blood essence crafting v rising
You can craft Blood Essence in the Blood Press section of the Refinement Tab. (Picture: Youtube - NeverNathaniel / Stunlock Studios)

 As you progress through the game, you will unlock the ability to craft Blood Essence. You can do so in the Blood Press section of the Refinement tab of the Production menu. 

To craft 10 Blood Essence, you will require 4 Rats. Alternatively, you can craft 60 Blood Essence for 4 Tainted Hearts. Speaking of hearts, you can also craft rare powerful versions of Blood Essence called Greater and Primal Blood Essence by using Unsullied Hearts.

That's everything you need to know about Blood Essence in V Rising.

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Featured image courtesy of Stunlock Studios.