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Valheim Biome Guide: Resources, Monsters, Items, & More

There are several different biomes in Valheim that each presents a unique offering of creatures, items and resources.
Valheim Biome Guide: Resources, Monsters, Items, & More

While it might not seem like it at first glance, Valheim is a giant open-world that is as expansive as almost any other title on the market. 

The map of Valheim is full of beautiful and dangerous landscapes that house various creatures and resources. Each biome within the world separates the location of the items but the map doesn’t actually show you where the different biomes are found. 

Locating the various biomes can be a bit of a challenge but can be done on your own. However, why not make it a bit easier on yourself and read our full Valheim biome guide down below. 

Biome #1 - Meadows 

Biome guide valheim
(Picture: Iron Gate AB)

The starting location for your character is the Meadows. This area doesn’t present much of a threat but is likely where you’ll set up your first base. The Meadows is home to all matter of trees, beginning resources like Stone and Flint and nearly harmless wildlife like Boars and Deer. Your biggest threat in the area will be Greydwarfs, which can easily be taken out with an Axe. Also, this is where the first boss, Eikthyr, is located. 

Biome #2 - Black Forest 

Biome Black Forest Valheim
(Picture: Iron Gate AB)

The next biome you’ll venture off into is the Black Forest, which borders most of the Meadows. This area houses many of the same resources and creatures as the Meadows but is slightly more dangerous. There are trolls wandering the woods, Dungeons in various spots and stronger Greydwarfs. You’ll also find Valheim’s second boss, The Elder, here along with The Merchant, from whom you can buy a Fishing Rod and other items. 

Biome #3 - Swamp 

Swamp Biome Valheim guide
(Picture: Iron Gate AB)

Valheim’s darkest and stickiest biome is the Swamp. Bordering the Black Forest, this biome has low visibility, mud at every turn and is home to some dangerous creatures. You’ll find Skeletons, Draugrs, Surtlings and more spread across the murky area.

However, this is the area where you can finally find Iron along with the third boss, Bonemass. 

Biome #4 - Mountains 

Biome Plains(Picture: Iron Gate AB)

As the name suggests, this biome is full of high mountains and tons of snow. There aren’t a ton of resources in this biome but you can find Silver and Obsidian provided you’ve beaten Bonemass.

The creatures in this area are limited to Wolves, Drakes and Stone Golems along with Valheim’s fourth boss, Moder. Keep venturing beyond the Swamp and you’ll find this biome.

Biome #5 - Plains 

Biome Mountains(Picture: Iron Gate AB)

While it might not look like it, the Plains is perhaps Valheim’s deadliest biome. The area itself is rather desolate but the creatures within the biome are not ones to trifle with.

Deathsquitoes, Fuling and Loxes are what you’ll find and if you’re not careful, you’ll be dead within seconds. However, you can find Black Metal Scraps here and the fifth and final boss, Yagluth. 

Biome #6 - Ocean

Biome Ocean
(Picture: Iron Gate AB)

More of a bridge biome, the Ocean doesn’t feature any resources for grabs but does house Sea Serpents, which can crush you and your vessel in an instant.

The Serpents are the only creature you’ll find but first, you need a Raft or Longship to access the Ocean. 

Undeveloped Biomes - Deep North, Ashlands and Mistlands

Undeveloped Biomes Valheim(Picture: Iron Gate AB)

Currently, there are three biomes in Valheim that seem to be undeveloped. While they are in the game and explorable, there’s not much to do or collect. 

The Deep North is a snowy biome that doesn’t seem to have the verticality of the Mountains. 

The Ashlands is a fiery area that currently only contains Surtlings. However, the area itself is intriguing and we can see a huge, fire-breathing boss being located here in the future. 

Finally, the Mistlands is the most unique out of the three. It has cobwebs all over its fauna, which implies that Spiders and maybe an arachnid boss could be on the way.