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Valheim: How To Build A Campfire Inside Your House

Going to sleep is a key element of progressing in Valheim but to do so, you need to have a campfire close by. Here's how to build a campfire inside your house in Valheim.
Valheim: How To Build A Campfire Inside Your House

One of the first issues Valheim players face when first trying to progress is going to sleep.

The nights in the Norse realm are long, dark and dangerous but can be skipped entirely by simply laying down in a bed. Building the bed is no problem, as it only takes a Workbench and some wood. You also need a shelter but that can once again be accomplished with some wood and a Hammer. 

The problem lies with the message you receive when trying to sleep in your newly acquired bed. The game will tell you that you need a fire nearby in order to sleep. However, if you’ve placed some wood floors down, a campfire cannot be placed. Luckily, there are some ways to navigate around this tricky dilemma. 

Building a campfire indoors in Valheim 

campfire indoors in Valheim

If you’ve just built a base for the first time, you more than likely have the most basic of structures constructed. A roof, some walls and floor panels are what most players will have constructed with the minimal supplies Valheim offers early on. 

However, after you’ve built all of this plus a bed, the game will then tell you that fire is needed. There are a couple of ways to circumvent this issue, both being fairly practical.

The first is to simply place your bed directly next to a wall and then place a campfire on the opposite side of the wall and outside of your base. Valheim will count this as a fire being nearby and your problem is solved. However, maybe your base is in a confined space and fire isn’t possible outside. 

Valheim campfire house

To build one indoors, you simply need to remove a floor panel and then place the campfire on the ground. If you’ve built a hoe, you can use it to remove any grass from the barren patch of ground to make the design more aesthetically pleasing.

This trick also allows you to place a cooking station over the campfire so you can cook while staying inside. Although, you might want to remove a part of your roof if you’re doing this, as the smoke from the fire will build up inside and kill you if you don’t properly ventilate.

And that's it, you now have a campfire inside your first house!