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How To Make Shingles In Valheim

Shingles are the newest addition to the base building in Valheim. Here is the guide on how to make Shingles In Valheim.
How To Make Shingles In Valheim

In the Hearth and Home update for Valheim, Iron Gate Studios introduced a new way to construct your base’s houses or other buildings. 

The new method is in the form of shingles, which provide a sleeker look to the roof of a building. They’re dark and offer a great contrast to the lighter-colored wood that often adorns longhouses in Valheim. However, the resources needed to build shingles are somewhat tricky to find, as they’re also new to the game by way of the Hearth and Home update. 

If you want to learn how to make shingles in Valheim, keep reading below. 

Crafting Shingles in Valheim

How to make shingles in Valheim
The look of one’s base in Valheim is of vital importance. (Picture: Iron Gate Studios)

To start, players need to know the exact crafting recipe for a Shingle in Valheim. 

  • 1 Tar 

  • 2 Wood 

While this might not sound like much, tar is also a new item in Valheim, and players will likely have no idea where to find it. Of course, you can read our previous guide to find out where tar is located on the map for a head start. 

To keep it short, tar is found in the Plains biome in tar pits. These pits contain massive amounts of the resource but are surrounded by deadly creatures like Fuling, Deathsquitos, and ooze monsters that are specific to the tar pits. You’ll want to gear up if you want to survive the trip to the Plains. 

How to make shingles in Valheim
One of the tar pits in Valheim. (Picture: Iron Gate Studios)

However, once you’ve found a tar pit, you can load up on the resource by picking it up or killing the ooze creatures. To shingle an entire roof in Valheim, you’ll need quite a bit of tar, so gather as much as you can find/carry and make your way back to your base. 

Once here, you can start crafting the shingles as long as you have a workbench nearby. You can make various kinds of different shingles in Valheim, so pick the one that’s right for your base. Regardless, once you’re done, you’ll have a darker and sleeker-looking roof on top of your house. 


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Featured image courtesy of Iron Gate.