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Where To Find Tar In Valheim

A new resource has made its way into the Valheim Hearth & Home update. Find out how to get Tar in Valheim.
Where To Find Tar In Valheim

Valheim's Hearth and Home update has just arrived after several months of delays and a series of little sneak peek videos from the developers at Iron Gate Studios.

Players have a ton of new content to explore within the update, starting with new resources that have been added to the world of Valheim. One of these resources is tar, and it takes the base building in Valheim to a whole new level.

Players can now completely revamp their base and house in Valheim with the simple addition of tar. They can also defend their home with some of the newly added weapons, like the Silver knife or Crystal Battleaxe

However, to get started, players need to know how and where to acquire the new black and sticky resource. This article will fully explain how to get tar in Valheim Hearth & Home.

Finding tar in Valheim

Where to find Tar in Valheim
Tar is the key ingredient to make shingles in Valheim. (Picture: Iron Gate Studios)

To start, you need to have access to the Plains biome. This is the only biome that holds tar. As veteran players know, this is the fifth and hardest biome in all of Valheim, so you need to be prepared with the right weapons and gear. Having at least silver or iron gear is recommended, as the biome is home to some terrifying enemies like Deathsquitos and Fuling. 

However, as long as you are well-equipped, you shouldn’t have an issue with the biome. To find the tar, you need to simply walk around the grassy areas until you find a tar pit, which looks exactly how it sounds. The pit is a large, black pond that holds tar.

Where to find Tar in Valheim
A tar pit in Valheim. (Picture: Iron Gate Studios)

When you get to a pit, you'll be able to pick up some tar from it or you can kill some of the creatures that inhabit the area. They'll sometimes drop tar for you to add to your inventory.

Whenever you first acquire tar, you'll discover a whole new slew of recipes you can craft. The main recipe players are interested in is shingles, which add a new element to base building. 

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Featured image courtesy of Iron Gate Studios.