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Valheim 0.145.6 patch notes: Disappearing tombstone & hearth smoke fix, save system changes, more

Iron Gate added extra tombstone checks which should prevent them from mysteriously disappearing.
Valheim 0.145.6 patch notes: Disappearing tombstone & hearth smoke fix, save system changes, more

Studio Iron Gates continues to improve its megahit survival RPG Valheim, which has sold over two million copies in less than two weeks since the release.

The latest update for the Early Access game brings fixes to some buggy interactions and introduces several improvements to the game's save system.

Probably the biggest fix released with this update is the one regarding disappearing tombstones.

When you die in Valheim and respawn back in your bed, you still need to go to the location of your death to collect your belongings from your "corpse" which is represented with a tombstone.

campfire indoors in Valheim smoke
(Picture: Iron Gate)

But, apparently, some players were encountering a rather annoying issue where sometimes tombstone would simply fail to appear, which can be quite problematic, as you will be left without all the items you had in your inventory the moment you died. Luckily, today's patch should fix this issue.

Patch 0.145.6 also bring a fix to "hearth smoke building " which is probably related to the accumulation of smoke when you build a campfire inside your house. We are not exactly sure how will this affect the game, but we will check!

In addition, Patch 0.145.6 introduces several changes and improvements to the game's save system, one of them being that the game will now autosave every 20 minutes instead of 30.

Valheim 0.145.6 full patch notes

  • Disable google analytics
  • Updated Unity engine
  • Forest crypt fixes
  • Credits updated
  • Save system returned to old-new
  • Pickables sync fix (stones,carrots etc)
  • Dedicated server CPU usage fix (Framerate limiter)
  • Hearth smoke building fix
  • Save system tweaks
  • Console "save" function can be used remotely if player is added to admin list
  • Autosave every 20min (instead of 30min)
  • Manual join IP function (dedicated servers only)
  • Extra tombstone checks ( to prevent them from disappearing
  • Better broken world handling ( crash/exit instead of loading an empty world )
  • Localization fixes