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Valheim Abyssal Harpoon: How To Get And Where To Mine Chitin

Abyssal Harpoon is one of the most powerful late-game weapons you can have in Valheim, and this guide will help you craft it.
Valheim Abyssal Harpoon: How To Get And Where To Mine Chitin

It wouldn't be a game about Vikings if it doesn't include sailing the open ocean with huge monsters lurking deep beneath.

And that's exactly what you can find in the Ocean biome of Valheim. Those legendary see creatures are not an easy target and they will give you a challenge but also some great rewards which can vastly improve your survivability, and to survive is your main goal in Valheim.

In order to fight those huge monstrosities, you will need to arm your self with powerful weapons, and one of the best weapons to fight with hostile sea creatures is mighty Abyssal Harpoon.

How to make the Abyssal Harpoon in Valheim

Valheim Abyssal Harpoon krakens location
Oceans in Valheim are full of mysterious secrets and terrifying creatures (Picture: Iron Gate)

As with almost all weapons in Valheim, Abyssal Harpoon is only obtainable by crafting.

You will get the recipe for Abyssal Harpoon the first time you collect Chitin, and here is what materials you need in order to craft Abyssal Harpoon:

  • Fine Wood x8
  • Leather Scraps x3
  • Chitin x30

You can read our guide to find out how to get Fine Wood, but you probably know that by now. Same goes for Leather Scraps, which you can get as drops from Boars and Muddy Scrap Piles in the Meadows biome.

The real challenge here comes from collecting enough of Chitin.

Where to find and how to mine Chitin in Valheim

Valheim abyssal barnacles
Krakens are living islands which travel through vast oceans(Picture: Iron Gate)

In order to get Chitin, you will need to mine Abyssal Barnacles.

Abyssal Barnacles can be mined from the backs of Kraken, which are located in the ocean.

Krakens are enormous creatures that are roaming oceans in Valheim. They are basically small living islands, and while extremely large, they are not hostile and will not attack you nor do any harm.

While on a ship, search for them in the open ocean and once you spot them, you can step on their back which acts as a land. There are usually some other resources there as well, but we are here primarily because we need Abyssal Barnacles.

Valheim abyssal barnacles look
Abyssal Barnacles are small lumps which you can find on the back of Krakens (Picture: Iron Gate)

You will spot Abyssal Barnacles easily, they look rather nasty, like some kind of ulcer on the surface. Once you spot them, start mining them, but be careful, because Krakens will usually start to move once they notice that you are doing something on their back, so make sure to go back to your boat before they move away too far.

By mining them, you will automatically get Chitin, which you can use to craft Abyssal Harpoon, provided you have enough of it.

And that's it, now you have this powerful Harpoon which will help you in a battle against even the mightiest of sea foes.