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Valheim: How To Get Iron Sledgehammer, One Of The Best AOE Weapons

Looking for a strong AOE damage weapon in Valheim? Iron Sledgehammer is one of the best area-of-effect weapons you can get in the game, and here's how to obtain it.
Valheim: How To Get Iron Sledgehammer, One Of The Best AOE Weapons

Valheim is a mix of a survival game and RPG, where everything is about crafting the best stuff you can get at any point of the game.

Some of the best items and weapons available in the game are obtainable only by crafting them, and in order to craft them, you will need to obtain the recipe and adequate materials required to craft it.

And when it comes to brute force, Iron Sledgehammer is one of the most powerful weapons in the game with 55 Blunt damage and devastating AOE effect.

This two-handed maul, described as "a mighty hammer, worthy of a champion", can break anything you can imagine, and it is by far the best Iron weapon you can get, and many players even consider it to be the best weapon in the game.

How to craft Iron Sledgehammer in Valheim

Valheim Iron Sledgehammer crafting guide
(Picture: Iron Gate) 

In order to craft Iron Sledgehammer, you will need the following crafting materials:

  • 4x Ymir Flesh
  • 30x Iron
  • 10x Ancient Bark
  • Draugr Elite trophy

You can get Iron by simply smelting Scrap Iron to get Iron, which you can do with the Smelter.

Ancient Bark is obtained when you chop down the Ancient Trees in the Swamp biome.

In the Swamp biome, you will also find Draugr Elite, known as "the undead of Valheim", which have a chance to drop Draugr Elite Trophy when you kill them

You will recognize them by their purple-glowing eyes and by the fact that they are larger than the regular Draugr.

Valheim Iron Sledgehammer crafting guide
(Picture: Iron Gate) 

Finally, Ymir Flesh is purchasable from Haldor, the merchant. It will cost you 120 coins per one unit of Ymir Flesh, so make sure to have 480 coins ready for the purchase.

When you have all of the ingredients ready, you will need Forge Level 2 and the hammer.

Use the Forge and open the Craft menu, where you will find Iron Sledgehammer. Simply click craft and that's it, you will now find Iron Sledgehammer in your inventory.

Have fun smashing enemies' heads!