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Valheim: How To Craft Stagbreaker, The Best Early Game Weapon

The mighty Stagbreaker, a powerful two-handed war hammer, is one of the best early weapons of Valheim. Here's what you need in order to craft it.
Valheim: How To Craft Stagbreaker, The Best Early Game Weapon

Valheim features a vast world for players to explore it and create their own adventures, the world which hides many beauties, but even more dangers.

And while players can overcome the Meadows biome of Valheim with some basic tools and weapons you will create along the way, going further and deeper into the unknown will require from players to find recipes for stronger equipment and arm themselves better against many foes which await them in the wilderness.

Valheim Stagbreaker crafting recipe
Stagbreaker is a powerfully early game weapon (Picture: Iron Gate) 

And one of the best and most awesome early game weapons is the Stagbreaker hammer. The weapon is especially great for its strong AoE damage, which will help you in fights against annoying little critters that attack you in groups, like greylings and skeletons.

How to get Stagbreaker, the two-handed war hammer in Valheim

After you've beaten Eikthyr, the first boss, you'll get access to the next biome, called the Black Forest.

There, first make some small basic camp, like you did the first time when you started playing the game, just in case.

Remember that everything is salvageable in Valheim, so don't worry too much about what you build, you can always recover those resources at any time once you don't need them anymore.

Once you have your base ready, look around and find some pine trees and fir trees, and cut them down with your axe.

Valheim Stagbreaker crafting recipe
(Picture: Iron Gate) 

It's important to chop the fir and pine trees because they are giving you access to a different kind of wood than the one in The Meadows: core wood.

You will be granted the recipe for Stagbreaker automatically the first time you collect a piece of core wood.

You will need the following materials:

  • 20 core wood
  • 5 deer trophies
  • 2 leather scraps

Grab enough core wood from the Black Forest and then head back to The Meadows. Deer trophies and leather scraps you can collect from killing deers.

Deers don't always drop trophies, so make sure to take them whenever they drop them.

You will also need Level 2 Workbench before you will be able to craft Stagbreaker.

And that's it about the best early weapon of Valheim, now you have everything! Enjoy smashing enemies with the weapon which is not only powerful but also awesome looking with spiky deer antlers around a huge two-handed mallet.