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Valheim: How To Get Iron Buckler

A new weapon called Iron Buckler has become available in Valheim, and players are dying to know how to acquire it. Here is the guide on how to get Iron Buckler in Valheim
Valheim: How To Get Iron Buckler

The Iron Buckler is the newest shield to make its way into Valheim via the Hearth and Home update that went live earlier this week. 

Fans were clamoring for a better iron shield in the months since Valheim was released, and now they’ve got access to one. However, fans still need to know how to make one and where they can get the materials required in the crafting recipe. There’s also the matter of what level Forge players need to have in order to make the Iron Buckler. 

All of those questions are answered below in our newest guide for the Valheim Hearth and Home update. 

Crafting the Iron Buckler in Valheim 

Valheim: How to get Iron Buckler
Valheim has a new shield in the iron category. (Picture: Iron Gate Studios)

First off, the recipe to craft the Iron Buckler in Valheim is as follows: 

  • 10 Iron Ingots 

  • 4 Ancient Bark 

The recipe doesn’t call for much, but newer players might be stumped on how to acquire one or both of the materials. 

To start, players will need to have access to the Swamp biome. This is done by defeating The Elder boss and acquiring the Swamp Key. From here, players can find the Swamp biome and make sure they bring a Bronze pickaxe and regular ax with them. 

For Ancient Bark, players can wield their ax and chop down some of the Ancient Trees surrounding the Swamp biome. Next, players need to find a Crypt, enter it using their Swamp Key, and find some iron ore to mine at muddy scrap piles. Once they have 10 iron ore, they can bring it back to their base and smelt it at a Smelter to make iron ingots. 

Valheim: How to get Iron Buckler
Shield are an important part of a player’s gear. (Picture: Iron Gate Studios)

The next step is leveling up the Forge to level two. This allows the crafting of iron gear, and players can simply craft the Iron Buckler from here. 

The Iron Buckler’s stats are as follows: 

  • Weight: 4.0

  • Quality: 1

  • Durability: 200

  • Repair Station Level: 2

  • Block Armor: 28

  • Block Force: 30

  • Parry Bonus: 2.5x

  • Movement speed: -5 percent

  • One-handed

Players now have a decent shield in the iron category to take on the Mountain biome. 

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Featured image courtesy of Iron Gate.