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Valheim: How To Get The Crystal Battleaxe

A use has finally been crafted for the crystals in Valheim and it’s a powerful new weapon. Here is the guide on how to get the Crystal Battleaxe in Valheim.
Valheim: How To Get The Crystal Battleaxe

After months of waiting, the Hearth and Home update is live in Valheim and players now have access to a plethora of new content. 

Among this content is a new slew of weapons, which are quite useful for fans who want a change-up from the current scenery of the category. One of the most exciting new weapons is the Crystal Battleaxe, which finally utilizes a use for the crystals in Valheim. 

Previously, the resource didn’t have any use in Valheim. Players worked hard for them, though, defeating Stone Golems in the Mountains biome. Luckily for players that saved some up, they can now craft the Crystal Battleaxe with some other resources that aren’t too difficult to find.

Crafting the Crystal Battleaxe in Valheim 

Crystal battleaxe valheim
Stone Golems finally have a reason to be killed in Valheim. (Picture: Iron Gate Studios)

The exact crafting recipe for the Crystal Battleaxe in Valheim is the following: 

  • 40 Ancient Bark

  • 30 Silver Ingots

  • 10 Crystals

For veterans of Valheim, this is an easy crafting recipe. However, some players might’ve forgotten how to get their hands on these materials. 

To start, you can venture into the Swamp biome with at least a bronze axe and cut down some Ancient Trees to acquire Ancient Bark. This is the easiest of the resources to acquire. 

How to get the crystal battleaxe in valheim
The Swamp is where players find Ancient Bark. (Picture: Iron Gate Studios)

After you have the bark, you can venture into the Mountains with full gear on and a Wishbone in their inventory. With the Wishbone equipped, you can search for silver ore. The Wishbone will vibrate and glow more the closer you get to a vein of silver ore. To smelt it into silver ingots, you need to visit a Smelter. 

The next step is acquiring crystals. This is solely done through fighting Stone Golems. The rock monsters take a down to kill, as it’s only done with a pickaxe, but once they’re done, they’ll drop a crystal for you to pick up. Once you have 10, go back to your base and visit your level three Forge. 

At the forge, you can make a Crystal Battleaxe, which has the following stats: 

  • Durability: 200

  • Slash: 90 (26 to 56)

  • Spirit: 30 (10 to 19)

  • Use stamina: 24

  • Block armor: 40

  • Block force: 70

  • Parry bonus: 2x

  • Knockback: 70

  • Backstab: 3x


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Featured image courtesy of Iron Gate Studios.