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Valheim: How To Get The Sea Serpent Scale Shield

Valheim’s most intimidating creature, the Serpent, can allow players to craft a secret piece of gear. Here is the guide on how to get the Valheim Sea Serpent Scale Shield
Valheim: How To Get The Sea Serpent Scale Shield

The Sea Serpent is undoubtedly one of the more terrifying enemies in all of Valheim. 

It’s big, loud and chases your boat until it gets tired and gives up. As such, defeating it can be quite difficult if you’re not properly prepared. Although, we did outline how you can easily beat the Serpent in a group or solo in a previous article. 

If you do manage to take down the beast, you’ll notice it drops a couple of resources and items. The first of which is Serpent Scales, which, at first, don’t seem extremely useful. You can also receive the Serpent Trophy and Serpent Meat, which is used in creating one of the best food items. 

In regards to the Scales, players that pick them up usually don’t have any idea what to do with them. However, instead of throwing them away, we recommend putting the Scales to good use and crafting a nice piece of gear, the Serpent Scale Shield. 

Crafting the Serpent Scale Shield in Valheim 

Valheim serpent sea shieldThe Serpent Scale Shield is an extremely unique item in Valheim. (Picture: Iron Gate AB)

To start, you’re going to need to find and kill a Serpent. This can be done by venturing out into the ocean with a boat, preferably a Longship, and waiting for one to appear or slither near your vessel. Once it does, you’ll need to follow some different tactics in order to actually get the Scales. 

Instead of slaying it out in the water, you need to bring the Serpent on land. If you don’t, the Scales will sink to the bottom of the ocean. To do this, you need an Abyssal Harpoon. With the Harpoon in hand, throw it to catch it onto the Serpent and then go toward land or shallow water. 

From here, you can simply go on land with the Harpoon and the Serpent will follow. Be careful though, as the Serpent will attempt to leave the land the first chance it gets. 

Once it’s on land, you need to start shooting arrows or swing at it with a weapon. With enough luck, you’ll put it down quickly and the Scales will be yours. 

Serpent scale shield how to make valheim
(Picture: Iron Gate AB)

After you’ve collected the Scales, the Serpent Scale Shield will become available. Along with eight Serpent Scales, you’ll need 10 Fine Wood and four Iron. The Shield possesses a 90 Block Power stat, so it’s definitely worth using until you unlock Valheim’s best shield