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Valheim: The best Shield to use

Shields are an overlooked part of Valheim but can be one of the best tools in your arsenal.
Valheim: The best Shield to use

When talking about gear in Valheim, the things that immediately come to mind are armor and weapons. 

Whether it’s a helmet, chest piece, sword, or bow, these are the items you typically think of when trying to figure out what gear to equip. However, there’s an often overlooked element to the gear pool in Valheim that players should be taking more advantage of. 

The shield is a powerful tool in the Norse realm but due to its situational usage and expensive crafting recipes, many players simply skip over it. This shouldn’t be the case though, as you can realistically not get hit by any creature as long as you know how to properly use your shield. 

Of course, your chances of staying alive are improved when you have a better shield equipped. So, the question remains, what’s the best shield in Valheim? 

Picking the right Shield in Valheim 

Best shield in Valheim
Shields are effective against most creatures. (Picture: Iron Gate AB)

Unlike other gear categories in Valheim, there’s one clear cut answer when it comes to deciding the best Shield. While you’ll likely go through many iterations of shields, you’re ultimately working toward crafting a Black Metal Shield. 

Black Metal is one of the rarest yet strongest raw materials in Valheim. The bars allow you to craft some of the best items in the game and the shield is no different. 

The Black Metal Shield offers a Block Power stat of 90 and Parry Force of 50. It features 200 durability and weighs five pounds while also slowing your character down by 5% when you carry it. 

To craft the shield, you’ll need to have beaten the game’s fourth boss, Moder, and gained access to the Blast Furnace. Once you do, you can smelt down the Black Metal Scraps into bars and create the Shield. You’ll need eight Black Metal, along with 10 Fine Wood and five Chains, to fully craft the Black Metal Shield. 

Valheim best shield
The Black Metal Shield in Valheim. (Picture: Iron Gate AB)

There’s really no debate when it comes to picking this shield variant. With it in your hand, you can fend off even the toughest of enemies. 


A good shield is just one part the equation, knowing what the best sword is in Valheim is just as important to your survival.