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Valheim: How To Repair Tools And Weapons

Crafting tools is a main component of Valheim but some players are confused about what happens to the tools when they become broken. Here's how to repair tools in Valheim.
Valheim: How To Repair Tools And Weapons

The opening of Valheim is fairly straightforward, as the game wants you to collect resources to then craft the most basic of tools. 

By finding branches and stones on the ground, you can craft an axe and hammer, which are used to build your first base. These tools don’t require the need for a Workbench, so you don’t even need to have a shelter built to use them. 

However, as the game progresses and you have a base with a Workbench, bed and other amenities, you’ll start to make more advanced tools. A flint axe, crude bow and knife are all items that you’ll craft once you’re set up. 

Though, over time, those tools will run out of stamina, as indicated by the bar on their icon in the inventory. Once this happens, you can’t use them until you repair each individual one. The option to repair items isn’t clear in Valheim, though, so players aren’t sure where to go to fix their broken tools.

Repairing tools and weapons in Valheim

How to repair tools and weapons in Valheim
Repairing an item in Valheim is a straightforward task. (Picture: Iron Gate) 

If you’ve met all of these requirements, then the process couldn’t be any easier. Head into your Workbench menu and locate the hammer icon located on the right hand of the screen. It will be attached to the crafting menu. 

Simply hit this icon and it will repair a random tool or weapon in your inventory. As of right now, there’s no way to repair a specific item but repairing doesn’t cost any additional resources, so you don’t really need to select anything particular. 

Once all of your items are repaired, you can continue using them as you were before. There’s no limit to how many times a tool or weapon can be repaired, so once you make one, you can hang onto it forever.

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