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Valheim: How to split items in your inventory

A seemingly simple task in Valheim is harder than it needs to be and that is splitting items in your Inventory. We show you how to do it.
Valheim: How to split items in your inventory

As you journey across the various biomes of Valheim, you tend to collect a plethora of items. 

From resources to food to currency, there is a multitude of things you can add to your inventory on a day’s quest outside of your base. Naturally, your inventory will fill up as you collect more items, which will increase your carrying weight. 

valheim split items inventory
(Picture: Iron Gate AB)

The max carrying capacity is 300 in Valheim, which isn’t a lot when you consider metals and wood can get extremely heavy in large quantities. For those players who finally find a Copper vein but already have a full inventory, it can be difficult to decide what to throw out into the wilderness. 

However, one of the lesser-known functions in Valheim is that you can actually split your inventory items into whatever quantity you desire. So if you need to throw away a certain amount of wood to make room for Copper Ore, you can by splitting the stack.

Though the game doesn’t tell you how to do this, so many players don’t even know this is an option. 

Splitting item stacks in your inventory

Valheim inventory how to split items
Splitting items can help tremendously with inventory management. (Picture: Iron Gate AB)

The process to split items in your inventory couldn’t be simpler. All you need to do is hold Left Shift when you’re hovering over the item you want to split. As you’re holding the keybind, left click with your mouse and this will bring up the screen where you can select how much of the item to toss. 

In Valheim, once you select the desired number, it will turn the stack into two. You can either place this second stack in a chest, in a Smelter or simply throw it on the ground or into the sea.

This is especially helpful when taming Boars, as you usually want to only throw one or two Carrots or Mushrooms down when feeding your pets.