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Valheim: How to unlock the Stone Cutter and build stone buildings

Stone is a step above wood when talking about building materials in Valheim but players are a bit confused as to how to access stone buildings with the Stone Cutter.
Valheim: How to unlock the Stone Cutter and build stone buildings
Progressing in Valheim means several things. On one hand, you continually gain access to different biomes with varying materials, resources and creatures. However, another part of this progression is upgrading your base past the basic wooden structures that are available in the early game. 

Sure, your wooden base can be fairly elaborate but it still can be somewhat unstable in areas. However, once you gain access to some advanced materials, you can upgrade your wooden base into one with stone buildings. 

Stone is a much more reliable building material and players generally have a ton of it from mining or picking it up in the world. Although, you can’t actually build with the stone until you acquire a Stone Cutter, which is unlocked through accessing a certain biome

Making a Stone Cutter in Valheim 

Valheim Stone Cutter how to make
The Stone Cutter is another craftable bench players can use in Valheim. (Picture: Iron Gate AB)

First and foremost, to unlock the crafting recipe for the Stone Cutter you’ll need to locate the Swamp biome. It’s recommended to defeat The Elder, Valheim’s second boss, before entering the Swamp but it’s not a prerequisite.

Once in the Swamp, you want to find as much Iron as possible. Scrap Iron can be found in muddy piles all across the murky biome, so it shouldn’t be difficult to locate. 

After you’ve found a suitable amount, head back to your base and use your Smelter to smelt down the Scrap Iron. As soon as you have some Iron, the crafting recipe for the Stone Cutter will be unlocked. You’ll need 10 Wood, 2 Iron and 4 Stone to craft the Stone Cutter. 

The Stone Cutter can then be used to craft all sorts of new items. This includes stone buildings, which should help upgrade your base massively. The foundation for your house can be stronger and there’s now a material to help support your wooden roof and overall improve your base’s look and structure.