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Valheim shadowy figure: How to find Odin

A shadowy figure stalks players in Valheim. Believed to be the Allfather himself, we explain how you can find Odin in Valheim.
Valheim shadowy figure: How to find Odin
Since the Early Access launch of Valheim early in February 2021, rumours of a shadowy figure stalking players have been circulating across the internet. This mysterious figure appears to only some players, and it is quite difficult to spot. Here's why we think it is Odin, and how you can possibly find him in Valheim.

Main image credit: higgscribe via Reddit.

Valheim shadowy figure spotted

Players have been reporting being stalked by a shadowy, mysterious figure in Valheim. Some players have even captured screenshots of the shadowy figure.

First believed to be the Grim Reaper, the working theory right now is that it is the Allfather himself, Odin.

how to find odin valheim mysterious shadowy figure(Picture: Iron Gate AB)

In Norse mythology, Odin is called the Allfather, the father of Thor. He has one eye, which in mythology, he traded for cosmic wisdom. Odin also disguises himself as a traveller, with a hood, staff or spear, and a cloak.

Judging by the screenshots thus far, the shadowy figure in Valheim is very likely Odin. The premise of the game also fits into this theory, as players take on the roles of Viking souls, surviving in purgatory with the goal of summoning and defeating The Forsaken, which are enemies of Odin.


How to find Odin in Valheim

If you are on a mission to find Odin in Valheim, we've got some bad news for you. The Allfather rarely appears, and since Valheim features a procedurally generated world, there's no exact pinpoint location for Odin to spawn.

With that being said, however, you can increase your chances of finding Odin in Valheim by performing certain tasks.

how to find odin valheim mysterious shadowy figure(Picture: RastaGeckoo)

Specifically, Odin has mostly appeared to Valheim players after defeating a boss. Our guide to defeating the first boss might help you out in this regard.

Odin appears to have an eerie glow around him, and if you get too close to the shadowy figure, or try to attack him, he will vanish before your eyes.

All sightings of Odin in Valheim have been in the dark, so if you play during nighttime and defeat a boss, your chances will likely increase. From the reports so far, it seems the Swamp biome is the most active Odin sighting area.

YouTuber cfowler7 managed to capture a moment Odin appeared, which you can view below.

In Valheim, Odin finds you, which definitely makes sense considering the premise of the game.