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All Valorant Twitch streams can now drop closed beta access

As long as streamers are playing Valorant, their streams can drop closed beta access, but that doesn't mean an increase in the number of drops
All Valorant Twitch streams can now drop closed beta access

Everyone and their pet Viper are still trying to get into the Valorant closed beta. Access to the game's closed beta is still in short supply, but now, all Valorant Twitch streams can drop Closed Beta access, not just the small selection of streamers

Riot Games announced the news in a new post, but was quick to explain this change doesn't increase the number of drops. The only real difference is all Twitch Valorant streams can now drop Closed Beta access.

New drops do happen all the time, according to Riot. This is, however, only for players in Europe, Canada, US, Russia, CIS countries, and Turkey. It is based on your Riot account's home-based region. Riot also plans to expand Valorant Closed Beta access to Brazil, Latin America, and Korea at an undisclosed time. 

The developer mentions they have increased the Closed Beta server loads by 25%, and keep in mind they have banned a number of account sellers, and botters, opening up more space for legitimate players. 

Riot explained the slow drip of Valorant Closed Beta access:

"We know there’s a lot of demand, and it can be frustrating not to get access after a few days of watching. There are many of you, and we’re trying!

Our goal with VALORANT Closed Beta is to learn all the things we need to know going into launch, and one of those lessons is server load management. We are still in the active process of rolling out server infrastructure around the world - including more in EU and NA - and closed beta is doing a great job of telling us where we need to be. Thanks for participating in all of this, we’ll be back with more news when we can."

If you have received Closed Beta access, and want to stream, please remember to enable in-game drops via your Twitch account.

For those who haven't received Valorant Closed Beta access, all we can say is keep on trying, maybe by watching some Valorant esports tournaments.

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