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FPX Beats PRX To Lift The VCT Masters Copenhagen Trophy

The first-ever international Valorant LAN tournament, VCT Masters Copenhagen, has concluded, and FPX is crowned the winner after a five-map series again Paper Rex.
FPX Beats PRX To Lift The VCT Masters Copenhagen Trophy

VCT Masters 2 Copenhagen has finally concluded, and FunPlus Pheonix has emerged as the winners by beating Paper Rex in an intense five-map series. SUYGETSU grabbed the title of MVP even after he joined his team at a later stage of the tournament. Paper Rex came out as favorites in the match; however, FPX proved they were here to win. 

The first game was played on Bind, and PRX is known as one of the best Bind teams in the world. However, FPX thrashed them as PRX could not register even a single win before round 12. In the second half, Paper Rex tried to get closer to FPX, but it was already too late as FPX won the first map by 13-3.

After that, we witnessed three consecutive maps with an end score of 13-7, won alternatively by PRX and FPX. The second game was played on Icebox, and after the jaw-dropping play by FPX on the first map, everyone started believing in their supremacy. However, PRX started off by securing six out of seven rounds. 

SUYGETSU became the MVP of VCT Masters Copenhagen Grand Finals.
SUYGETSU became the MVP of VCT Masters Copenhagen Grand Finals. (Picture: Riot Games)

FPX tried to close the gap but was not very successful in it as the score hit 9-3 after the first half. However, the second half presented a different story as FPX started gaining their momentum back as they secured four out of six rounds in the second half. However, PRX won the last two rounds consecutively, closing the game at a score of 13-7.

On Fracture, no team dominated the other in the first half of the game as both PRX and FPX secured six rounds each. However, FPX entered a beast mode in the second half and went on winning seven rounds while PRX was able to win just one. Thus, FPX again took the lead in the series by one point.

Haven repeated almost the same story; however, this time, PRX was the dominating team in the second half. The first half ended with a score of 7-5 in the favor of Paper Rex, and in the second half, FPX was able to win just two rounds. PRX successfully took the series to the fifth map, Breeze, by securing a win by 13-7. 

Breeze was probably the most exciting map of the whole series, and it started off with FPX winning the first three rounds consecutively. However, PRX didn’t let them continue their momentum and countered by winning the next five rounds in succession and pulling the lead towards them. 

VCT Masters Copenhagen was the first ever VCT LAN event.
VCT Masters Copenhagen was the first ever VCT LAN event. (Picture: Riot Games)

The tables turned once again towards FPX as they secured the next four rounds to put a score of 7-5 on the board after the first half. The next four rounds again favored PRX, and they capitalized on them and once again shifted the momentum towards themselves. 

No team was clearly winning the map; however, FPX charged themselves up to win the next six rounds thrashing PRX on Breeze. The trophy was handed to them in front of a huge crowd, and we got a new VCT Masters champion again. 


Both PRX and FPX will now be playing in Valorant Champions, which will be taking place in Istanbul in September 2022. 

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Featured image via Riot Games.