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Valorant YouTuber SeLFlo Commits Suicide After Posting Final Goodbye

Valorant YouTuber SeLFlo commited suicide on 21st July 2022 following a suicide letter on Twitter detailing his traumatic experiences.
Valorant YouTuber SeLFlo Commits Suicide After Posting Final Goodbye

Valorant YouTuber, SeLFlo (identified as C.Dheena), reportedly committed suicide by jumping off a four-story building in Hyderabad, India, on 21st July 2022, at 5:30 AM. The news followed a suicide letter on his Twitter account detailing the saddening reality SeLFlo’s experienced throughout his life. He died aged 23 years.

SeLFlo had over 30,000 followers on YouTube and produced excellent quality Valorant-focused videos. Throughout his YouTube career, his videos have been watched nearly 13 million times as of writing. SeLFlo’s death is a shock to fans, as he’s been a pillar for entertainment across many lives, informing and inspiring other people.

Valorant YouTube Star SeLFlo Tragically Ends His Life

valorant youtuber commits suicide selflo
SeLFlo's legacy will forever be remembered. (Picture: YouTube / SeLFlo)

As reported by The Hindu, SeLFlo committed suicide by jumping off a four-story building at the Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management. SeLFlo’s death followed after detailing the traumatic experiences and physical and mental abuse he endured throughout his life on Twitter. 

The suicide note, although truthful to the heart, contained various dark revelations about SelFLo’s life, family, and past. In the letter, he wrote, “I was r*ped as a child. Abusive parents fighting violently every f*cking day in front of me. No good father figure or proper guidance from my mother my whole life.”

“[I] almost got kidnapped, fully controlling and demoralizing childhood, sh*t teenage hood and my transition to adulthood also sucked,” SeLFlo added. The YouTuber continued to confess all the traumatic experiences he’s had to endure and talked more about how difficult it was for him to socialize and make friends.

“I have difficulties making friends, socializing, maintaining self-control, having no self-worth, being around in public, talking to people, [and] I can't even talk to people online properly,” he said. SeLFlo dived deeper into his life, discussing all the challenges and attempts to escape depression and the experiences that haunted him or still did at the time.

The YouTuber said he “[couldn’t] recall any genuinely happy moments from [his] personal real life.” However, he expressed how glad he felt when his YouTube channel kicked off, grew into a community of fans, and described the journey as “probably the happiest thing that has happened to [him].”

The Valorant YouTuber concluded the letter by thanking all the content creators he looked up to who made his life bearable and the community members he’s befriended along the way. SeLFlo also apologized to his sister for leaving her side and said she “saved him temporarily.”

In his final words, he wrote, “I know my death won't be remembered.” But fans may disagree as his community comes together to mourn the death of their favorite Valorant content creator. Rest in Peace, SeLFlo.

valorant youtube creator SeLFLo dies suicide community mourns the loss of their favorite content creator
SeLFlo will be remembered dearly by his community. (Picture: Twitter / YouTube / SeLFlo)

The World Health Organization approximates that 280 million people worldwide suffer from depression, and over 700 thousand people die from mental illnesses yearly.

If you or somebody you know is facing depression or struggling with suicidal thoughts, please dial the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 0800 689 5652 (UK) or Suicide and Crisis Lifeline at 988 (USA).

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Featured image via YouTube / SeLFlo.