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Jett dash nerf was unintentional, Riot confirms

Jett mains in disarray can rest easy knowing the Valorant bug will be fixed soon.
Jett dash nerf was unintentional, Riot confirms

Valorant patch v3.08 brought a lot of quality of life changes to the Riot Games tactical shooter, including the ability to hide your Account Level, customise the Border Level, and more.

An inconvenience for Jett mains, however, involves a huge dash nerf that Riot has confirmed was unintentional and is indeed a bug.

A video posted by Twitter account ValorLeaks showcased the massive nerfs, which sees Jett taking almost an extra second to ready her weapon after dashing. 

Ryan Cousart, game designer for Riot Games, confirmed via social media the dev team is looking into this issue and looking for an immediate fix. "Digging into this now, definitely not intentional."

When will the Jett dash be fixed?

Mobility is crucial for Jett as an Agent. (Picture: Riot Games)

At the time of writing, we have no estimated timeframe for the upcoming Jett hotfix, but rest assured, Riot tends to tackle game-breaking issues relatively quickly, especially when it comes to Agent bugs.

Take for instance the Sova being able to use his arrows to fly across maps, soon after it was discovered, Riot took action to remove the bug, which eventually lasted less than 24 hours in the game.

Flying Sovas dominated ranked for a few hours. (Picture: Riot Games)

For the sake of all Jett mains and the people they end up queuing in ranked, we hope Riot fixes this bug as swiftly as previous ones, otherwise, we predict a lot of broken keyboards in the next few hours. 


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Featured image courtesy of Riot Games.