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Lazerklan defeat Gillette Infinity to take LATAM North First Strike

In a historic weekend, the Mexican team managed to win the grand finals of the Valorant major, after beating Infinity Esports.
Lazerklan defeat Gillette Infinity to take LATAM North First Strike

Since Valorant First Strike was announced, many teams around the world have set their sights on the competitive scene of Riot Games' most recent release. Thanks to this, we have witnessed an action-packed weekend at the regional finals of the global event.

Lazerklan, current champion of the Valorant Versus from Latin America North, qualified to the final instance directly thanks to their good performance, finishing in first place of the group stage with a 6 - 1 record.

On the other side, Gillette Infinity path to the finals involved beating LDM Esports on the road with a 3-0 score, and with aspirations to seek revenge for their last match against Lazerklan, in which the Mexicans completely dominated the infinity squad.

A squad in search of redemption

The first game of the finals was played on Bind, chosen by Lazerklan, with Infinity playing on the defending side. With both teams boasting a 73% win ratio, there was no clear favourite for the first match.

lazerklan latam north First strike
(Picture: Riot Games)

Just starting, the Infinity squad showed that they weren’t here for friendly games, since they managed to substantially subdue and dominate the Lazerklan members throughout the first part, achieving a huge 7-win streak.

The Mexicans managed to respond on a few occasions, in their attempts not to be left behind on the scoreboard during the final clashes of the first half.

lazerklan latam north
(Picture: Riot Games)

Close to the end of the game, Lazerklan tried to make it difficult for Infinity to win by taking some very close rounds, however, this didn’t prevent them from taking the remaining point, and thus getting ahead in the series winning the first map with a 13 - 7 score.

Lazerklan responds dominatingly

The second game moved to Ascent, chosen by Infinity Esports and in which they have had a perfect competitive record, unlike Lazerklan with a 60% win ratio and in which they would start defending.

Lazerklan Gillette INfinity
(Picture: Riot Games)

The start of the game was marked by crashes, with the score practically tied. Despite this, Lazerklan managed to break the trend and respond to the offensive innings of the Infinity squad, taking the lead with a 6-game winning streak.

Before the change of sides, Infinity would find a breather by taking the last two remaining rounds and leaving the score at 8-4, heading into the second half.

lazerklan latam north valorant first strike
(Picture: Riot Games)

For in the second half, Infinity took initiative by taking some rounds, however, the results showed Lazerklan's preparation for the finals as they took the second game with a score of 13-6, tying the series.

lazerklan infinity (Picture: Riot Games)

Close matches and a key offence

For the next match, Haven was chosen as Lazerklan's selection, in which Infinity would also start on the attacking side, something that isn’t usually common due to the difference in the percentage of victories of the Infinity squad on this map.

(Picture: Riot Games)

The first half didn’t have a team with a significant advantage, as both Lazerklan and Infinity distributed points almost alternately, maintaining an even score from start to finish in a great display of strategy and experience on the part of both teams.

With the change of sides, there would be a change of air by Lazerklan, who with a more offensive approach began to take off on the scoreboard, something that Infinity would imitate over the course of the game by re-tying the score near the final rounds.

(Picture: Riot Games)

The Mexicans would not sit idly by and once again attacked Infinity's efforts to stay up in the game, completely countering them with the help of Dobsha and Caz, and taking their second point of the series with a 13-9 score.

The battle for the title and survival

The fourth and possibly decisive game took place in Split, a map chosen by Infinity and in which they have had slightly better results than Lazerklan, with these going from the defending side and in which they would seek to obtain the necessary points to continue in the competition.

(Picture: Riot Games)

Lazerklan's squad started the game well, taking the lead early in the game, while Infinity kept pushing to avoid the offence by the Mexicans.

For the second half, the distance between the two teams was almost nil, with the score 7-5 in favour of Lazerklan. However, Infinity wouldn’t take long to respond by putting the score even just beginning, something that would continue until shortly before the end.

lazerklan 1
(Picture: Riot Games)

With the score located at 10 units for both, the Mexicans took the initiative and thanks to their good positioning and planning, they left the infinity squad unanswered, and after a streak of three victories, they managed to take the last point of the series, and with this, win with the title of champions of the Valorant First Strike for Latin America North.

lazerklan valorant first strike latam
(Picture: Riot Games)

With this victory, one of the most consistent and best-performing teams in Latin America managed to deny Infinity Esports' desire for redemption and retain their place as the best team in the region. Congratulations to Lazerklan, Valorant First Strike champions.