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LunarKats reveals insensitive video as reason for TSM departure

The Valorant player was signed with TSM and was subsequently dropped just days later.
LunarKats reveals insensitive video as reason for TSM departure

Valorant pro player Katherine “LunarKats” So has revealed the reason behind her sudden departure from TSM's new all-female roster, just days after it was announced.

So took to Twitch to share details about her current situation, explaining that a rant recorded in 2019 is what caused the split with the esports organization. 

"There is a video of me of a Snapchat rant I made in 2019, and I said some really hurtful and insensitive things," So explained while holding back tears. 

According to So, she deleted the video back in 2019 and apologized to those that might have felt offended, however, it seems a third party got ahold of the clip and contacted TSM, which prompted the split.

"I obviously hurt their feelings with what I said and they had sent it (to TSM) and had a meeting with them, and we both agreed in order to protect them and me from like the video actually getting out we agreed to just terminate (the contract)."

LunarKats revealed that she didn't say a racial slur in the video, regardless, "what I said was really offensive, might as well been a slur at that point" she added.

So made it clear that fans "shouldn't blame TSM" as it was "a mutual decision."

"They really wanted to kind of protect me to from somebody using this video against me. But honestly, no matter what I do this person's going to hold this video over my head and I feel I need to address it because it is something that I did and said."

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TSM's female roster had to compete with a last-minute sub, ARIANARCHIST, in the VCT Game Changers open qualifiers, managing to qualify for the main event via the lower bracket.

The main event will take place this upcoming 25th March, with teams looking to secure the victory in a tournament that boasts a $50,000 prize pool.