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Myth is growing tired of being reminded he's not a Valorant pro

The former Fortnite pro player explained how his past experience playing at a high level is detrimental when it comes to enjoying other games casually.
Myth is growing tired of being reminded he's not a Valorant pro

As a former Fortnite pro player, fans have high expectations when it comes to Ali "Myth" Kabbani's skill level in any other shooter he decides to play on stream.

However, these expectations have grown wearisome for the TSM streamer as he took to Twitter to complain that every time he boots-up Riot's new tactical shooter, Valorant, it seems there's always someone in his chat to remind him how he's far from the best player in the game.

Myth Valorant TSM Ali Kobani pro player,Valorant Myth, TSM Myth Valorant, Valorant Myth Pokimane
(Picture: Myth / Riot Games)

The 21-year-old took to Twitter to express his discomfort at the situation he has to deal with constantly on stream ever since he announced the decision to move away from Fortnite as his mainstay game.

"I really wish I could just play a match of Valorant without billybob203 in chat reminding me that I'm not a pro, not the best at the game, or that I'm worse than x streamer. I literally don't know what to do about this anymore. Thanks for trying to tear me down everyday," Myth tweeted out.

While Myth has been involved in Valorant tournaments playing for TSM, namely the Gamers For Equality invitational, it's safe to say the former Fortnite star life as a professional player is done and dusted.

Other renowned streamers like Benjamin "DrLupo" Lupo have taken to social media to show support for Myth, sympathizing with that feeling of frustration Myth describes perfectly on his initial comment.

"No one has heard of billybob203, but everyone has heard of Myth. End of discussion. You dropped this (crown emoji)."

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