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Iconic "Revive me Jett" Valorant player dies, community mourns loss

Lance "Finest" Arcilla passed away on 10th April. He is widely known for one of the most recognisable running jokes in Valorant's history.
Iconic "Revive me Jett" Valorant player dies, community mourns loss

The Valorant community is mourning the passing of Lance "Finest" Arcilla, a Phillipino player that coined the now-iconic "Revive me Jett" meme.

On 10th April, news broke of the 21-year-old's passing. No details regarding the cause of death were shared. Team Secret, one of the most important Southeast Asia teams, tweeted out their condolences, sharing with the rest of the Valorant community the news of Finest's passing. 

"He made millions of us laugh with his iconic 'JETT REVIVE ME' and will forever be a monument of Valorant PH games."

Jett Revive Me meme explained

finest valorant meme jett
Finest was a 21-year-old Valorant fan, widely loved by the community. (Picture: Finest)

Finest became widely popular in 2020 among the Valorant community after a clip surged online of him playing a match, asking the Jett player on his team to "revive him."

Far from the typical toxic behaviour associated sometimes with games like Riot's tactical shooter, Finest's earnest pleads felt like coming from a place of innocence, in the sense that he probably legitimately mixed up Jett and Sage's abilities. 

Even after fellow teammates tried to explain to him that the duelist wasn't the Agent he should be asking for a revive, Finest continued imploring the Jett player on his team to do so.

The clip reached Riot, who then proceeded to commemorate such a beloved staple of the Valorant community with his own unique spray a few months down the line.  

revive me jett spray
The Revive Me Jett meme was immortalised by Riot Games as an in-game spray. (Picture: Riot Games)

As the spray was part of a previous battle pass, it is unobtainable at the moment. However, knowing Riot's way of nurturing online communities, we're sure they'll find a way to honour him, making it so every Valorant player can get access to it in the near future. 

From everyone at GINX, we would like to extend our condolences to Finest's friends and family. A beloved figure of the Valorant community that will never be forgotten. 

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Featured image courtesy of Riot Games.