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Valorant Mobile gameplay leaks online

Valorant Mobile information and footage have leaked online, with a gameplay video surfacing from China showing Riot's new mobile port. Here is what we know.
Valorant Mobile gameplay leaks online

Riot Games' tactical shooter, coming to mobile devices has been known for some time and now we have our first look at the gameplay thanks to Valorant leakers. Only days after images surfaced online of how Valorant mobile could potentially look, a new 9-minute video showcasing the game in action got the Valorant community excited.

The short clips offer glimpses at the user interface, Agent selection screen, and even a look at how Haven looks on mobile devices.

Valorant Mobile gameplay video leaks

valorant mobile chinese
Loading screen before a match in Valorant Mobile. (Picture: DannyIntel)

Youtuber and mobile gaming leaker DannyINTEL shared via social media and their YouTube channel what is probably our first unofficial look at Valorant Mobile in action.

The first clip is a 22-second video showcasing really quickly the in-game HUD, including how the controls look on screen, and the buy menu. Have a look at the brief clip here to get a snapshot of upcoming Valorant gameplay.

The second video is a more detailed 2-minute video showcase of things outside a match, giving us a look at the Agent select screen, the loading screen, and a few other details.

The video also shows a nice degree of personalisation players will have when customising their button layout, as you can freely move each button to your preferred position. This even includes the map.

Towards the end of the video, a bit of gunplay can be seen but it ends before any significant ability usage could be displayed.

While the beta playtest is occurring in China, Riot has yet to issue any sort of official information regarding a beta across other regions.

What is Valorant Mobile release date?

valorant mobile playtest china leaked images character selection screen
A leaked image of the character selection screen could look like in Valorant Mobile. (Picture: Twitter / DannyINTEL)

Rumours of a Valorant mobile game have been around since before the game launched in June 2020. Riot Games confirmed their intention to create a mobile port of the tactical shooter a year later, in mid-2021.

Riot Games has been radio silent since that announcement, with these recent leaks being the most information we've received since the project was announced in the first place.

According to DannyINTEL, tests for Valorant mobile started in April 22 though. As it stands, Riot Games is still playing it close to their chest, but with a playable build available, the launch could be a matter of months only. Now, will Valorant be released worldwide on mobile in 2022? Who knows!


As always, we'll keep you updated as more information regarding this highly anticipated project comes to light. Be sure to check out and follow our dedicated section to stay updated with the latest Valorant news, guides, leaks, update announcements, and more .


Featured image courtesy of DannyIntel.