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Riot trolls Valorant fans with April Fool's Widejoy trailer

Valorant game devs "revealed" a Widejoy game mode to commemorate the beloved bugged player card. However, the teaser hides an actual gift.
Riot trolls Valorant fans with April Fool's Widejoy trailer

The Valorant community has mourned the loss of Widejoy, the bugged player card that saw the German Agent basically show up in every lobby with a broken aspect ratio.

Since patch 4.0, Riot Games removed the Widejoy card by simply fixing the Rainfall Killjoy player card, putting an end to the beloved meme cosmetic.

Fans have petitioned the tactical shooter developers to bring the player card in some shape or form and Riot has delivered on 1st April.. in a way.

Riot surprises fans with Widejoy "comeback"

widejoy removed
Widejoy has been "fixed" since patch 4.0. (Picture: Riot Games)

Those aware of the date immediately avoided being fooled by Riot after the devs posted a trailer on social media teasing the return of Widejoy and a limited-time mode to celebrate the occasion.

If you're outside the United States, April Fool's day is one of those annoying dates on which misinformation is spread more so than usual, as it's used to pull pranks to varying degrees of success.

Riot's trailer and their ability to embrace community memes made sure plenty of people fell for the joke. Some choose to believe it's true purely out of a passion for the beloved Widejoy card.

The YouTube video description is a tongue-in-cheek gag to confirm the alleged Widejoy Mode is not an actual thing within the game. "One day only. Available yesterday, wherever you’re not."

Yet, the description hides another sneaky announcement, a special gift for players.

How to get Accidental Renaissance Widejoy spray

Widejoy has made a sneaky return as a spray. (Picture: Riot Games)
Widejoy has made a sneaky return as a spray. (Picture: Riot Games)

The YouTube video description confirmed the return of Widejoy in the form of a new free-to-earn spray, aptly titled Accidental Renaissance.

Players don't have to input any code or complete any specific challenge to earn this spray. "The Accidental Renaissance spray will be available from April 1, 8:00 AM PT through April 8, 11:59 PM PT,” Riot stated.

All you have to do is log in during the mentioned timeframe and the Widejoy spray will be part of your collection.

It's honestly amazing to see how far a simple cosmetic bug can go, making a somewhat forgettable player card turn into such a beloved part of the Valorant community.

Kudos to Riot Games for embracing the craziness and dialing it up to 11, as many other developers would have simply fixed the player card without putting much thought into it.

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Featured image courtesy of Riot Games.